Financial Aid and Scholarships

Xavier has traditionally offered opportunities of a college education to academically qualified students, regardless of the financial resources of the student or the student’s family. Although Xavier feels that the student and their family have a responsibility to contribute to the cost of a college education, the university is prepared to provide financial assistance. A Xavier education is well worth the financial investment families make.

If you are a serious student, eager to make your maximum contribution in life, help is available at Xavier. The best possible financial package, one you can live with while completing your education, will be worked out among you, your parents and a financial aid counselor. Give Xavier a chance to help you achieve your educational goals.

Financial Aid

BuildingMoney for your aid package comes primarily from four sources:  Federal government, State government, Xavier University, Private programs.  The federal government supplies the majority of the financial aid. The U.S. Department of Education has the following major student federal financial aid for qualified students. The amount will be determined by eligibility and classification.

          • Pell Grant
            • Amount: $609 - $5350
          • SEOG
            • Amount: $500 - $4,000
          • Work/Study
            • Amount: $1,000 - $2, 000
          • Stafford Loan
            • Amount: $500 - $5,500
          • Perkins Loan
            • Amount: (Limited Funds Available)
          • Parent Loan
            • Unmet need minus aid

The College Work/Study program provides a job for students to earn aid.  Louisiana offers the Tuition Opportunity Program (TOPS) and other programs for Louisiana residents.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Students must apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA to determine their eligibility for grants, loans and work/study.  Filing may be done (a) online at , (b) by downloading a PDF FAFSA file at, or (c) by requesting a paper FAFSA at 1-800-FED-AID.  FAFSA on the Web is recommended for faster processing. Eligible non-citizens must submit a copy of their I-151 or I551.  All male students over the age of 17 must register with the Selective Service two (2) months before their 18th birthday if they expect to receive financial aid.  Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible after January 1st.

If you think you will need financial aid, you must apply for it. You should contact your high school counselor or the Financial Aid Office at Xavier if you need assistance as you go through the financial aid application process.

When to Apply for Aid

Students are encouraged to apply for aid as soon as possible after January 1 st. Give the Xavier code (002032) in order for Xavier’s Office of Financial Aid to electronically receive the results of your aid analysis.


Scholarships for First-Time Freshmen

New first-time freshmen are considered for a merit-based Xavier University scholarship when they are reviewed for admission.  More information about these scholarships can be found at New First-Time Freshmen Scholarship Information.

Other Scholarships

There are also departmental scholarships available to qualified students.  Students should consult their departments for more information about these scholarships.  The Athletic Department offers scholarships in basketball, tennis, cross-country and women’s volleyball. Applicants and students are encouraged to seek out scholarships that are available through private sources such as clubs, churches, sororities, fraternities and other agencies in their communities.

UNCF Scholarships
All students who are officially enrolled at Xavier may compete for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) scholarships. Eligibility criteria related to the specific scholarship opportunities are provided by UNCF, which administers funds donated by corporations, organizations and private establishments. In many instances, nominations are made by the University and the University’s scholarship underwriting policy is applied to the UNCF scholarship funds.

Scholarships are coordinated through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Xavier Costs for 2014-2015


College of Arts & Sciences (Including first two years of Pre-Pharmacy)


College of Pharmacy



Average Room & Board                (The cost varies by residence hall)


Click here for more detailed information about Xavier costs.


Students should be prepared to pay semester costs at the time of assessment by the Office of Fiscal Services. Assessment takes place after students are registered for classes. New freshmen are registered in early June. The costs include tuition, room & board and other fees associated with enrollment for the semester. A deferred payment plan is available for students who wish to pay the semester balance in installments. After subtracting financial aid and deposits for the semester, the remaining balance can be paid in three installments as follows:

  Fall Term
Due Date
Spring Term
Due Date
First Payment (One half of the semester balance after subtracting financial aid) At Assessment At Assessment
Second Payment (50% of remaining balance) September 30 February 28
Final Payment (100% of remaining balance) October 30 March 30

The University accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card for payment on accounts.

For more information about Xavier Scholarships contact:

Xavier Office of Admissions
(504) 520-7388

For more information about Federal/State Financial Aid contact:

Xavier University Financial Aid Office
(504) 520-7835

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

Federal Student Financial Aid Office
1 (800) 4-FED-AID
1 (800) 433-3243

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