Ron Bechet
Professor of Art



Xavier University of Louisiana
Bldg. 39, Room 102
1 Drexel Drive, Box 137
New Orleans, La. 70125
(504) 520-7553


Master of Fine Arts: Painting 1982
Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT.
Bachelor of Art: Fine Art 1979
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA.

Visual art is a unique language designed to communicate abstract in non-linear terms and to understand thoughts and relationships that are not literally apparent. My task in teaching this visual Language is to help students understand how to use the language not necessarily to make art but to understand how it is made and the techniques and materials available for them to use in the future. My philosophy in teaching studio courses includes highly individualized skill training and the development of a visual dialog, unique for each student. The more I teach the more I find things I wish I knew more about. Teaching helps keeps me actively seeking new information. The students demand it.