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Welcome to the XULA Art Department

The XULA Department of Art provides teaching and guidance in a well-rounded, stimulating atmosphere that calls forth each student's potential. Gaining an education in the traditional and contemporary art and design practices, students are prepared for a future in a diverse creative field as academics or practitioners. Majors and Minors in Art gain experience in the processes and theories of visual art, culture and communication through studio and seminar courses. Encouraging professional experiences while in school, the Art major is required to develop a portfolio and learn to market themselves in a global society. Many students engage in internship opportunities as artists and designers and exhibit work in local galleries and museums. Upperclass Art majors have the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research through CUR, allowing for conference and research travel.

The Department of Art

John T. Scott Sculpture Garden - The Art Village

3520 Pine Street

Phone: 520-6723/7556

Fax: 520-7949

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