The Mission for Assessment at Xavier

Xavier’s assessment processes are designed to support the University mission by identifying expected outcomes and determining the extent to which these outcomes are met according to appropriate evidence.  Assessment at Xavier is campus-wide, ongoing, and cyclical, encompassing all facets of the educational enterprise including the University’s educational programs, administrative support services, and educational support services including research and community outreach.  To achieve these aims, the University systematically collects, analyzes and employs relevant data to inform the decisions of Xavier’s leadership.

Assessment Goals

  1. Maximize buy-in for assessment with all stakeholders throughout their affiliation with the University.
  2. Promote a culture of assessment.
  3. Provide levels of resources needed to effectively carry out assessment
  4. Promote an assessment model that is effective, systematic, integrated, collaborative, and used for growth and positive change.  The model will include:
    1. Ensuring that data collection is accurate, timely, and consistent across the University,
    2. Ensuring regular evaluation of the assessment process and its usefulness to the University,
    3. Ensuring usefulness and use of the assessment system,
    4. Maximizing availability of comparable data sets for analysis,
    5. Ensuring transparency of assessment needs, data, and results, as well as the responsibility for these needs, data, and results,
    6. Maintaining mission-oriented focus,
    7. Maintaining coordinated data

Please contact the Assessment personnel from the Office of Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment for any help related to your program or unit assessment. Together, we can accomplish our assessment mission and achieve our assessment aims. Implicit in the mission and goals we have adopted is continued accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

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