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  • According to the US Department of Education, the Biology Department leads the nation in graduating African American Biology majors, many of whom move on to professional careers in science and medicine.
  • The Biology Department is the largest department in the College of Arts & Sciences at Xavier with a total of 750 -800 majors each year.  There are 24 full-time faculty members ready to serve all students, including five former XU-Biology graduates.  Introductory Biology classes are kept small and are taught only by full-time faculty rather by students or adjunct instructors as at some other institutions.     
  • Biology faculty members have been strategically hired for their expertise in diverse areas ranging from evolution, developmental biology, histology, botany and zoology to immunology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, pathology, cancer biology and bioinformatics, to name a few.   They received doctoral training from highly rated institutions all over the United States and overseas such as Columbia, Harvard, Louisiana State, Tulane and Wayne State Universities nationally and the Karolinska Institute, the University of Liverpool, Cairo University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology internationally and others.
  • All Biology majors receive regular academic advising, the quality of which is unparalleled
  • The department is taking the lead on re-designing and revising our pre-med curriculum so that our students will excel on the redesigned 2015 Medical College Admissions Test and to address the growing and urgent national problem of declining numbers of African American professionals in the field of medicine.  


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