Board of Trustees

Presidential Advisory Board
The Mission of the Xavier University Presidential Advisory Board

The Mission of the Presidential Advisory Board is to assist in advancing the goals and interests of Xavier University in the broader community. Board members will

  1. Provide a model for the qualities of leadership and service that form the core of Xavier University's educational values;
  2. Stimulate dialogue between Xavier and various elements of the broader community to promote understanding, justice, and a commitment to access higher education for African Americans;
  3. Assist in creating opportunities to access key leaders in the spheres of government, higher education, the corporate world and philanthropy who might be able to assist Xavier;
  4. Seek ways to improve the visibility and image of the University to promote better understanding of its strengths and accomplishments locally, nationally and internationally;
  5. Provide a forum in which the President of Xavier can openly communicate with the members about the most pressing issues, needs and challenges of higher education within a framework of ongoing dialogue and support.

Current Members

Colonel Terry J. Ebbert, USMC Ret.
The Honorable Gary M. Carter, Jr.
Kenneth Carter, Esq.
Rabbi Edward Paul Cohn
William Detweiler, Esq.
Mrs. Frances Gray Fayard, Esq
Janice Martin Foster, Esq.
Mr. Richard Freeman
Mr. James Garner, Esq.
The Honorable Judge Brian A. Jackson
Mr. Victor Labat, Jr.
James Meza, Jr., Ph.D.
Ms. Ti Adelaide Martin

Mrs. Cynthia Molyneux
Dr. Myron E. Moorehead
The Honorable Edwin R. Murray
Ms. Kathy Nieland
Mr. Colvin Norwood, Esq.
Mr. David G. Perlis
Reverend Wayne C. Paysse
Mr. Ashton Phelps, Jr.
Mr. Peter Quirk
Mrs. Carroll W. Suggs, Chair

Board of Trustees