We strongly encourage students to accept an internship or Co-op assignment prior to graduation.  Statistics prove that students with practical work experience have a greater chance of obtaining permanent employment or admission into graduate/professional school upon graduation.  Summer internships offer on- the- job training directly related to the student’s career interests. Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a mutually beneficial program combining alternating or parallel semesters of classroom study with supervised related work experience.

What is Co-op?

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an experiential learning program which provides students exposure to the business and professional world as part of their academic preparation.  Co-op allows students the opportunity to work with employers while still pursuing their degrees, and offers invaluable experience for future full-time employment.  Students selecting to participate in the co-op program must have sophomore standing and a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.

What is an internship?

An internship is any short-term, supervised work experience usually related to a student’s field of study, for which the student may or may not earn academic credit.  Summer internships usually last from ten to twelve weeks.  Both Co-op and internships are great ways for students to “try before you buy.”  These pre-professional experiences are vital for a student’s career development for a number of reasons:

  • You can discover what you like or dislike about a particular career field.
  • You can also validate your choice of major and/or career.
  • You may even begin to acquire benefits such as vacation and sick leave.

Take advantage of the opportunity to “earn while you learn!”

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