Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at XULA

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at Xavier University of Louisiana was established to offer a range of high-quality educational opportunities to further strengthen nonprofit organizations throughout the Southeast, but especially in the New Orleans region. Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, T. Denny Sanford, the Institute focuses on preparing exemplary nonprofit leaders and providing the support they need to be successful in making a difference in the world. The Institute offers more than 30 seminars, workshops and webinars built around four key themes: cause selling, marketing, fundraising strategies and relationship building. All coursework which is delivered online and face-to-face, is taught by experienced nonprofit professionals, and many of these seminars and workshops meet the standards of excellence outlined by Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE).  

Sanford Mission

To help nonprofits significantly increase their fundraising capabilities and impact they have in their communities and society, through proven contemporary curriculum presented by world-class nonprofit leaders, best in class faculty, and renowned philanthropists.

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July 19, 2017
11am-2pm CDT

Double Session
Workshop $70

The Ask/
Welcoming Objections

Cory Howat

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August 23, 2017

Double Session
Workshop $70

Supercharge Your Board/
Making a Compelling Presentation


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September 6, 2017

Double Session
Workshop $119

Basics of Fundraising/
Cause Selling


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October 18, 2017

Double Session
Workshop $49

Social Media


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November 8, 2017

Double Session
Workshop $70

Features & Benefits/
Major Gifts


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December 13, 2017

Workshop $49

Relationship Building


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July 19 - The Ask / Welcoming Objections - Xavier University of LA

The Ask:

    • Understand the vital function of the close in the donor cultivation process
    • Develop productive attitudes and a professional perspective toward the close
    • Discover the importance of reassuring prospective donors
    • Appreciate the value of persistence in fundraising
    • Learn how to better deal with the inevitable rejection that all fundraisers face in their careers
    • Recognize donation signals as the critical moment during the presentation when a successful close is more likely
    • Study the different aspects of a successful close, including what to ask for, how to ask for it, and when to stop talking altogether
    • Know what actions should take place after the ask

Welcoming Objections:

    • Develop a positive attitude toward objections
    • Understand why prospective donors have resistance to giving
    • Know the basic strategies for overcoming objections

August 23 - Supercharge Your Board / Making a Compelling Presentation - Xavier University of LA

Supercharge Your Board:

    • Learn how to engage the entire Board in the roles of fundraising
    • Communicate how their work fits into the bigger picture

Making a Compelling Presentation:

    • Understand why face-to-face presentations and your ability to tell a compelling story matter more now than ever before
    • Learn what constitutes proper planning for your next donor presentation
    • Discover why you need to chart the real impact of your cause in order to satisfy the “unmet need” of donors
    • Discover effective tactics for making a presentation and involving the prospective donor in the conversation
    • Understand the significance of using demonstrations and other visual aids
    • Learn how to take control of the meeting environment and situation in order to maximize results

September 6 - Basics of Fundraising / Cause Selling - Xavier University of LA

Basics of Fundraising:

    • Appreciate the critical role of fundraising in today’s economic setting
    • Understand and embrace the value of fundraisers
    • Discuss the advantages of a career in fundraising
    • Learn the different fundraising techniques used in today’s nonprofit sector
    • Identify the characteristics that are needed for success in a fundraising career
    • Examine fundraising as a viable career that provides both fulfillment and security 

Cause Selling:

    • Understand the role of cause selling in today’s market
    • Learn the steps in cause selling and the purpose of each step
    • Develop principles upon which to base ethical behavior
    • Identify the sources of influence for fundraisers on their behavior
    • Understand your role in maintaining the ethical position of the organization and behaving in an ethical manner toward donors

Oct 18 - Marketing / Social Media - Xavier University of LA


    • Learn 7 marketing secrets from an expert
    • Discover why marketing in fundraising matters

Social Media:

    • Why Facebook for Nonprofits? 
    • How to find potential donors + start building your Facebook fan base 
    • How to buy Targeted Facebook Ads (Step-by-Step) 
    • What to post / what not to post 
    • Role of a Facebook Admin 
    • How to Measure Success (ROI) 
    • Best Practices for Nonprofits 

Nov 8 - Features & Benefits / Major Gifts - Xavier University of LA

Features & Benefits:

    • Demonstrate How Your Nonprofit Organization Meets the Needs of the Donor
    • Answer the Question of “What’s in it for the Donor”
    • Fill a “Void” for the Donor
    • Directly Related to Attributes of Your Nonprofit Organization
    • Provide the Donor the Reason to Make a “Gift” to Your Nonprofit Organization
    • Benefits… Are the Reasons Why Donors Give Gifts

Major Gifts:

    • Learn about the Donor Development Cube

Dec 13 - Relationship Building - Xavier University of LA

    • Understand the value of donor loyalty and what it means to your organization
    • Discover some of the leading causes for the lack of donor retention
    • Study the keys for retaining a higher percentage of donors
    • Appreciate how to maximize current donors and win back lapsed donors
    • Learn how to “close the loop” and give donors of all sizes the satisfaction they need to stay sold on the cause
    • Develop a plan for follow-up activities with major donors and for communicating with donors in a meaningful way so that they continue to provide financial support