Sanford Institute of Philanthropy


June 1-3 - HBCU Deans Roundtable - Atlanta, GA

July 19 - The Ask / Welcoming Objections - Xavier University of LA

The Ask:

  • Understand the vital function of the close in the donor cultivation process
  • Develop productive attitudes and a professional perspective toward the close
  • Discover the importance of reassuring prospective donors
  • Appreciate the value of persistence in fundraising
  • Learn how to better deal with the inevitable rejection that all fundraisers face in their careers
  • Recognize donation signals as the critical moment during the presentation when a successful close is more likely
  • Study the different aspects of a successful close, including what to ask for, how to ask for it, and when to stop talking altogether
  • Know what actions should take place after the ask

Welcoming Objections: 

  • Develop a positive attitude toward objections
  • Understand why prospective donors have resistance to giving
  • Know the basic strategies for overcoming objections

August 23 - Supercharge Your Board / Making a Compelling Presentation - Xavier University of LA

Supercharge Your Board:

  • Learn how to engage the entire Board in the roles of fundraising
  • Communicate how their work fits into the bigger picture

Making a Compelling Presentation:

  • Understand why face-to-face presentations and your ability to tell a compelling story matter more now than ever before
  • Learn what constitutes proper planning for your next donor presentation
  • Discover why you need to chart the real impact of your cause in order to satisfy the “unmet need” of donors
  • Discover effective tactics for making a presentation and involving the prospective donor in the conversation
  • Understand the significance of using demonstrations and other visual aids
  • Learn how to take control of the meeting environment and situation in order to maximize results

September 6 - Basics of Fundraising / Cause Selling - Xavier University of LA

Basics of Fundraising:

  • Appreciate the critical role of fundraising in today’s economic setting
  • Understand and embrace the value of fundraisers
  • Discuss the advantages of a career in fundraising
  • Learn the different fundraising techniques used in today’s nonprofit sector
  • Identify the characteristics that are needed for success in a fundraising career
  • Examine fundraising as a viable career that provides both fulfillment and security 

Cause Selling:

  • Understand the role of cause selling in today’s market
  • Learn the steps in cause selling and the purpose of each step
  • Develop principles upon which to base ethical behavior
  • Identify the sources of influence for fundraisers on their behavior
  • Understand your role in maintaining the ethical position of the organization and behaving in an ethical manner toward donors

Oct 18 - Marketing / Social Media - Xavier University of LA


  • Learn 7 marketing secrets from an expert
  • Discover why marketing in fundraising matters

Social Media:

  • Why Facebook for Nonprofits? 
  • How to find potential donors + start building your Facebook fan base 
  • How to buy Targeted Facebook Ads (Step-by-Step) 
  • What to post / what not to post 
  • Role of a Facebook Admin 
  • How to Measure Success (ROI) 
  • Best Practices for Nonprofits 

Nov 8 - Features & Benefits / Major Gifts - Xavier University of LA

Features & Benefits:

  • Demonstrate How Your Nonprofit Organization Meets the Needs of the Donor
  • Answer the Question of “What’s in it for the Donor”
  • Fill a “Void” for the Donor
  • Directly Related to Attributes of Your Nonprofit Organization
  • Provide the Donor the Reason to Make a “Gift” to Your Nonprofit Organization
  • Benefits… Are the Reasons Why Donors Give Gifts

Major Gifts:

  • Learn about the Donor Development Cube

Dec 13 - Relationship Building - Xavier University of LA

  • Understand the value of donor loyalty and what it means to your organization
  • Discover some of the leading causes for the lack of donor retention
  • Study the keys for retaining a higher percentage of donors
  • Appreciate how to maximize current donors and win back lapsed donors
  • Learn how to “close the loop” and give donors of all sizes the satisfaction they need to stay sold on the cause
  • Develop a plan for follow-up activities with major donors and for communicating with donors in a meaningful way so that they continue to provide financial support