Faculty & Staff
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Michael Adams, Ph.D.
Inorganic Chemistry (Ohio State University, 1990)

Mehnaaz Ali, Ph.D.
Analytical Chemistry (University of Texas at Austin, 2006)

Bryan Bilyeu, Ph.D.
Materials Science and Engineering (University of North Texas, 2003)

Teresa Birdwhistell, Ph.D.
Inorganic Chemistry (University of North Carolina, 1986)

JW Carmichael, Jr., Ph.D.
Physical Chemistry (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 1965)
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7437
Room Number: NCF 108
Email Address:

Stassi DiMaggio, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (University of New Orleans, 2003)

Maryam Foroozesh, Ph.D.
Chair, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Head, Department of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry (Tulane University, 1994)

Galina Goloverda, Ph.D.
Physical-Organic Chemistry (Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine, 1988).

Navneet Goyal, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (University of New Orleans, 2011)

Kelly Johanson, Ph.D.
Biochemistry (Tulane University, 2003)

Vladimir Kolesnichenko, Ph.D.
Inorganic Chemistry (Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine, 1986)

Candace M. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (University of Texas at Austin, 2010)

J.Robert Luo, M.S.
Organic Chemistry (State University of New York, Albany, 1987)

Neil McIntyre, Ph.D.
Biochemistry (University of South Florida, 2008)

Lamartine Meda, Ph.D.
Materials Chemistry (Northeastern University, 1999)

Kathleen Morgan, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (Yale University, 1994)

Kevin Riley, Ph.D.
Physical Chemistry (Pennsylvania State University, 2004) 

Jayalakshmi Sridhar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Florastina Payton-Stewart, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (Tulane University, 2007)

Ann Privett, Ph.D.
Inorganic Chemistry (University of Arkansas, 1989)

Warren Ray, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (University of New Orleans, 1989)
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7383
Room Number: NCF Annex 338
Email Address:

Abha Verma, Ph.D.
General Chemistry Lecturer (University of New Orleans, 2012)

Guangdi Wang, Ph.D.
Analytical Chemistry (University of New Orleans, 1995)

Zhe Wang, Ph.D.
Analytical Chemistry (Lanzhou University, 2007)

Terry Watt, Ph.D.
Biochemistry (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007)

Sarah L. Weaver, Ph.D.
Organic Chemistry (University of Florida, 1990)

Jian Zhang, Ph.D.
Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (Northeastern University, 1987)

Office and Administrative Staff

Brandi Barre, M.B.A.
Program Specialist, MORE Programs Office/UNCF Stem Scholars Program
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5304
Fax Number: (504) 520-7956
Room Number: NCF 101C
Email Address:

Amy Billizon, M. Ed.
Program Manager, BUILD Research and Student Training Cores
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5329
Room Number: NCF 204-G
Email Address:

Jacqueline Gavins, B.S.
Supervisor of the Chemistry Stockroom and Logistics
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7379
Room Number: NCF Annex 362
Email Address:

Lonnie Lewis, M.A.
Pre-pharmacy Advisor
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7382
Room Number: NCF 107
Email Address:

Sherida Montague
Administrative Assistant, Chemistry Department
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5082
Room Number: NCF Annex 333
Email Address:

Erica Severan, MS
RCMI Program Manager
Department of Chemistry
1 Drexel Drive, Box 114
New Orleans, LA 70125
Telephone Number: (504) 520-6225
Email Address:

Research Staff

Zhongyuan Huang Ph.D.
Research Associate, Zhe Wang Lab
NCF Room 304
Telephone Number:
Room Number: NCF Room 304  

Rajesh Komati, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Goloverda & Kolesnichenko Lab
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5430
Room Number: NCF 304 & 313
Email Address:

Jiawang Liu, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Foroozesh Lab
Telephone Number: (504) 520-6742
Room Number:    NCF Annex 376
Email Address:

Janet Manono, Ph.D.
Research Associate, DiMaggio Lab
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5502
Room Number: NCF 319
Email Address:

Madhusoodanan Mottamal, Ph.D.
Core Scientist, RCMI Core Lab
Molecular Structure and Modeling Core
Telephone Number: (504)-7252
Room Number: COP 424
Email Address:

Sarita Sitaula, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Ali Lab
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5502
Room Number: NCF 319
Email Address:

Tasha B. Toro, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Telephone Number: 504-520-5358
Room Number: NCF Annex - Room 276
Email Address:

Yan Zhang, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar  Zhe Wang Lab
Telephone number:
Room number: NCF-room: 304
Email adress:,

Qiang Zhang, B.S.
Core Scientist, RCMI Major Instrumentation Core
Telephone Number: (504) 520-5375
Email Address:

Shilong Zheng, Ph.D.
Medicinal Chemist, RCMI
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7824
Email Address:

Qiu Zhong, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Wang Lab
Telephone Number: (504) 520-7681
Email Address:

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