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Xavier Delegation Visited China December 10-19, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012  

A Xavier University of Louisiana delegation visited China on December 10 to 19, 2012, where they attended the first Confucius Institute Board of Directors meeting with Hebei University administrators in Baoding, Hebei Province, and the 7th Confucius Institute Conference in Beijing.

The Xavier delegation was led by Dr. Marguerite Giguette, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and included Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, Dean, College of Pharmacy, Dr. Yu Jiang, Director, Confucius Institute, and Professor Rongyao Wen, Associate Director Confucius Institute.  At the first Confucius Institute Board of Directors meeting, the Xavier delegation met with Hebei University President Fu Guangsheng, Dr. Wang Fengming, Senior Vice President, and other school administrators to discuss faculty and student exchange possibilities, Xavier student summer camp to HBU, funding potential, joint research projects, and mutual student music and dancing performing visits opportunities.  The Xavier delegation also visited the HBU Affiliated Hospital, the Medical Examination Center, the Medicine-Industry Multidisciplinary Center, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnosis Center, the Library, HBU History Exhibition, and the living spaces for international students.  In addition, Xavier members interacted with faculty and administrators from the Colleges of Chinese Medicine, Art, and Education, and enjoyed Chinese music and dancing performances by HBU students.

After the series of productive meetings with HBU colleagues, the Xavier delegation attended the 7th Confucius Institute Conference in Beijing.  The conference was organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and over 400 Confucius Institutes and hundreds of Confucius Classrooms worldwide attended the meeting.  In addition, national leaders, and top officials from partner universities and provincial Departments of Education in China were present at the conference. 

The Xavier delegation joined in many sessions.  For instance, Dr. Giguette attended the “Forum on Integration of the Confucius Institute into the Host University and Local Communityand “Model Confucius Institute Buildup” panels, Dr. Kennedy participated in the “Quality Assessment of Confucius Institute Forum,” and Professor Wen joined the “Formulation of Development Plans for Confucius Institutes around the World” session.  Dr. Jiang spoke at the “Confucius Institute Day of Chinese Language’ and Innovative Cultural Activities” panel, and his discussions about the significance of Xavier’s Confucius Institute on campus and among the community, and the importance of audience participation at Confucius Institute-sponsored events was well received by the conference participants.  Further, the many interactions with other Confucius Institutes and an enormous amount of information that the delegation gained through the conference will be helpful for future strategic planning and development of the Confucius Institute at Xavier University. 

Xavier University of Louisiana attended the 7th Confucius Institute Conference in Beijing December 15-18, 2012.  (L to R): Prof. Rongyao Wen, CI Assoc. Director; Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, Dean of College of Pharmacy; Dr. Marguerite Giguette, Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Yu Jiang, CI Director

First CI Board Meeting: The first Confucius Institute (CI) Board of Director meeting was held on Hebei University campus during Xavier’s visit.  Xavier delegation (beginning lower left): Dr. Yu Jiang, CI Director; Dr. Marguerite Giguette, Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, Dean of College of Pharmacy; Prof. Rongyao Wen, CI Assoc. Director.  HBU side (beginning top right): Prof. Liang Weige, Director, Division of Foreign Affairs, International Office; Prof. Guo Fuliang, Senior Assoc. Director, International Office; Dr. Wang Fengming, Senior VP; Prof. Li Xiaoliu, Director, International Office; Dr. Ma Xiaoli, Assoc. Dean, College of Chinese Medicine



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