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Confucius Institute Fan Dance Team Dazzles the Crowd

Friday, November 1, 2013, 6 PM  

Confucius Institute participated for the second time in the annual International Education Week Cultural Night in the UC Ballroom on Friday, November 1, 2013.

This year Confucius Institute focused on promoting its annual China Summer Camp program. At the display table, summer camp photos were displayed. Students who went to the camp this year stayed at the table explaining the photos to the visitors. Some campers submitted photos to participate in the China Summer Camp Photo Contest and visitors were invited to vote. Jazmine Thompson from the College of Pharmacy won the first and second prizes. A'Vanti Glenn from the Music Department won the third prize.

Jazmine Thompson made a power point presentation introducing her experience with the 2013 China Summer Camp program. Audiences were most interested in her trips to the traditional Chinese Medicine hospital and the herb market.

But the highlight of the evening’s cultural activity was hands down Confucius Institute’s “Chinese Traditional Fan Dance.” With the girls traditional costumes and fans’ vivid colors and unmatched choreography, the fan dance got the most ooh and aahs from the audience.

To see more pictures of the culture night, please click here.

To watch the Fan dance here.


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