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Audubon Charter School “Things of China” Project a Huge Success

May 25, 2014

In May 2014 Ms. Du Ganzhi, the Mandarin instructor at Audubon Charter School, New Orleans, mobilized her students and parents to participate in the “Things of China” project, sponsored by Xavier University of Louisiana Confucius Institute.  The project was hugely successful!

Fifty-two students from Grades 6 through 8 made different projects related to China, such as the Great Wall of China, abacus, rice, noodles, paragons, Chinese tea, and even creative materials like life savers.

On May 12, after decorating the classroom with imaginative paintings “blown” by the 8th grade students, faculty, students, and parents were invited to attend an exhibition of students’ works.  At the exhibition, the visitors voted for first through third prizes.  Student John Parker won first prize for his work, entitled “The Great Wall of China,” which was made of cardboard.  

This project increased Audubon campus’s awareness of Chinese history and culture, and promoted students’ enthusiasm to enhance their Mandarin language skills.  




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