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The Mission of the Center for Health and Health Disparities Research and Education (CMHDRE) is to provide the infrastructure that is required to conduct research and provide clinical experiential training and community outreach aimed at eliminating health disparities.



Information for HEAL Phase II Project found here.

National Cancer Institute Xavier – Tulane Planning Grant for Minority Institution/Cancer Center Collaboration (P20) -Xavier University College of Pharmacy and Tulane Cancer Center have developed an effective and mutually beneficial partnership in cancer research and education that focuses on African American cancer disparities. The grant is broken into four areas of emphasis, each with its own working group.

    • Working Group 1- Pilot Project Development
    • Working Group 2- Undergraduate Student Research Experience
    • Working Group 3- Cancer Biology and Health Disparities Course
    • Working Group 4- Cultural Competence and Diversity

Xavier University College of Pharmacy in the Community

Xavier University of Louisiana participates in many community activities in an effort to provide health education to those who live and work in the surrounding neighborhoods. In recent months, the College of Pharmacy and the Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities has spent a considerable amount of time in the community, delivering information on Women’s Health, Cancer, and Tobacco Use Prevention.

Students and Faculty of the College of Pharmacy use national observances to the best advantage by providing education both on and off campus about health topics of the month. In observance of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated in September and October respectively, information was distributed about both of these topics in the community and at area clinics. In November, American Diabetes Month and Lung Cancer Awareness Month, patients were informed about the signs and symptoms of the diseases and how they might exercise preventive measures. In addition, free screenings and were conducted to test bone density and educate participants of the Xavier University Wellness Awareness Week Health Fair about osteoporosis and the importance of good bone health.

Smoke Free Campus Initiative

Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living (TFL ) - Xavier University is working with representatives from TFL as well as those from Dillard University, Grambling State University and Southern University Baton Rouge to implement the Smoke Free Campus Initiative. This initiative seeks to encourage institution of higher learning in Louisiana to develop policies in support of 100% Smoke Free Campuses.

Xavier University Tobacco Use Survey- Completed by faculty, staff, and students, this survey will be used to determine the proportion of people on Xavier Campus who are current or past smokers. In addition, data will be used to build policies regarding the use of tobacco on campus and at school sponsored events.

The Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education is in the process of developing programs and educational materials which will be used to help decrease current use and prevent future use of tobacco products on and off campus.

New Faculty Research Incentives

The CMHDRE sent out a request for proposals for new faculty research grants in May 2006. This RFP required faculty in the College of Pharmacy to submit grant applications to the Internal Review Board for up to $10,000 in funding. Each proposal should be related to health disparities. Four proposals were submitted and pending IRB approval, three applications have been accepted for funding.

Steven T. Boyd, Pharm.D. “ A New Weight- Nutrition Education Wellness Weight Loss Program for African Americans”. This study examines the effect of culturally competent education programs on weight-loss in African Americans. This six-month program will collect data on participants’ weight, waist circumferences, cholesterol, and blood pressure as a means of determining the effectiveness of the program. Patients will be offered a monetary incentive for participation in the program or will receive a complimentary membership to the local health club for the duration of the study.

Cori Brock, Pharm.D.; Monir Shalaby, M.D., F.A.A.P; William Kirchain, Pharm.D., C.D.E. “Community Health Education in Diabetes Disparities Research”. Research will focus on improving care to patients with diabetes by providing health education and setting patient oriented self-management goals. Families and caregivers of each patient will be invited to participate in educational session in order to provide additional support to patients in maintaining the goals which they have established for themselves. Patients will be monitored with standardized lab test to evaluate the effectiveness of this study.

Patience Obih, Pharm.D . “Sodium Transport in STZD-Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (Apolipoprotein E) Knockout Mice”. The project is designed to define the role of PPAR-alpha and PPAR-gamma receptors in sodium handling by the kidney in STZD apolipoprotein E knockout mice. Additionally, this study will evaluate blood pressure, natruresis, and renal thiazide/ameloride sensitivity in PPAR-alpha and PPAR-gamma knockout mice. The study, which will be conducted in two phases, has a one year timeline


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