Pre-Matriculation Summer Program (PPMSP)

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Pharmacy Pre-Matriculation Summer Program (PPMSP) is to expose the incoming first-year students to the rigors of the first semester course work and to acclimate them into their new environment as professional students.  The program will include didactic teaching on the majority of the first semester courses, cultural competency training, ethics cases, and career presentations by local pharmacists.  The program will provide six hours of structured learning over a four week period.  A brief description of the courses and a schedule of activities is provided below.

Pharmacy Pre-Matriculation Summer Program Courses

Biomedical Immunology – Introduces basic concepts of the immune system as an adaptive physiological system with emphasis on drugs that regulate the immune system, immunological molecules as drugs and immune system-based diseases and syndromes.

Human Anatomy and Physiology – Comprehensive view of the human body emphasizing individual systems and their interactions with each other and exogenous materials.

Pharmaceutical Calculations – Reviews basic arithmetic skills and discusses fundamental calculations encountered in the practice of pharmacy.

Biostatistics – Introduction to basic biostatistical principles and statistical concepts, principles and methods used in designing experiments, analyzing data and drawing inference in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry – Students will be introduced to the structure and function of biomolecules, including their metabolism, synthesis, and degredation.

Diet and Nutrition Counseling – Students will be taught the basic principles of healthy eating and the importance of exercise.

Cultural Competency – Students will be taught the skills needed to communicate with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Ethics Cases -  students will be engaged in case discussions regarding professional obligation, pharmacist-patient relationship, and academic integrity. 

Career Presentations – guest speakers from a variety of career fields in pharmacy will share their experience as a pharmacist.  The presentations will be very interactive and will occur in an informal environment.

PPMSP Calendar

Attendance Policy

All students are required to attend every session of the College of Pharmacy Pre-Matriculation Summer Program (PPMSP). The length of the program is only 4 weeks. Therefore, it is essential that all attendees are both present and punctual each day in an effort to maximize their full learning potential. 

In the event of an emergency prohibiting your attendance, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 504-520-5397 immediately.  Requests for excused absences will be addressed on a case by case base.

In conjunction with the mandatory attendance policy, all students are required to swipe their own ID card every day before each class as an official record of their attendance.  It is a violation of the college’s honor code to swipe any card other than your own or to leave the classroom after swiping or before the end of the class period.

Any student refusing to adhere to these policy guidelines will relinquish his or her seat in the First Year class -- i.e.  Acceptance to the College of Pharmacy will be rescinded.


If you wish to use the parking lots on campus you will need to purchase a parking permit. The permit is $12.50 and should be paid at the Cashier’s Office in the Xavier South building on the 3rd floor or if using debit it can be paid at campus police building. The phone number to the Cashier’s office is 504-520-5226.

Once you have purchased the permit you will need to go to the Campus Police station to receive your parking decal. Their phone number is 504-520-7490. Please make sure to bring your receipt. The attendant will provide information on where to park on campus.


Housing for the 2014 Pre-Matriculation program will be provided July 6-August 1, 2014.

Move-in day is Sunday, July 6, 2014. Move-out date is Friday, August 1, 2014.

All attendees have been assigned to St. Martin DePorres Hall.

Each room is equipped for double occupancy and has a private bath. The hall has central cooling and heating controls in the room. Office number (504) 520-5800.


  • snack and change machines
  • bulletin boards/shelves
  • wardrobes or closets
  • washers and dryers
  • lounges
  • room
  • desk and chair
  • study lamps
  • mirrors
  • telephones jacks
  • microwave ovens
  • high-speed network and internet connections

All residence halls have laundry rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers. Cooking is not permitted in rooms; however, microwave ovens are available in the community rooms of the residence halls.  Individual microwave ovens are not permitted in rooms. A micro fridge is available in the rooms for residents of St. Martin DePorres and the Living Learning Center. Mini Computer Labs are available to residents of any Residence Hall and they are located in St. Martin DePorres and the Living Learning Center. Kitchenettes are available in the Residence Halls as well. However, residents are not allowed to cook food only warm food.

Storage space is extremely limited and students are required to store small suitcases and belongings in their rooms. Free local telephone service is available for hall residents.

As your “home away from home” during the pre-matriculation program, your residence hall room will be a reflection of you. All of the provided furnishings must remain in the room your entire stay for storage and inventory reasons. To keep all furnishings in the best possible condition, University owned furniture is not to be physically altered in any form for any reason.


Quiet hours should be observed 24 hours a day, seven days a week in each hall to provide an atmosphere conducive to study. However, specific times are designated by individual halls. During quiet hours, residents are asked to be considerate of others who may be sleeping or studying by keeping the noise level to a minimum in their rooms and in public areas.


The University provides phone service and internet capabilities in the Residence Halls. Computers are available in the Computer Labs for your use. Misuse of the technology or equipment in any form will not be tolerated.

In addition, during your stay, you are encouraged to schedule your initial meeting with your Student Academic Performance and Support (SAPS) coordinators, Dana Jones, (A-M last names). Ms. Jones can be reached at 504-520-6271 or via email at, or Jucynthia Jessie, (N-Z last names) Mrs. Jessie can be reached at 504-520-7492 or via email at This meeting is mandatory. Therefore, it is essential that you meet with your coordinator as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this email, please feel free to contact your coordinator directly. We look forward to meeting you and aiding your success at Xavier University.  

About the AEP Program

The Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) is designed to provide COP students with academic support and assistance. The AEP includes a peer-tutoring program, which offers both group and individual tutoring for most required courses in the College of Pharmacy.  In addition, the AEP offers seminars (i.e. test-taking, organizational skills, study skills), customized study schedule development and course-specific review sessions.

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