Dr. Justina Ogbuokiri
Associate Professor Clinical Pharmacy

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504-520-7430 (Xavier)
(504)-903-0082 (HOP Clinic)

Room Number:  College of Pharmacy - Room 233
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Dr. Justina Edmunds-Ogbuokiri is currently an associate professor of clinical pharmacy at Xavier College of Pharmacy and the consultant clinical pharmacist at the HIV Outpatient Clinic of the Medical Center of Louisiana here in New Orleans. She has taught at Xavier for the past 6 years. Prior to joining Xavier, Dr. Ogbuokiri had been faculty member at the College of  Medicine of the University of Nigeria, Enugu-Nigeria  and Consultant Clinical Pharmacist/Pharmacologist to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital for a period of 16 years.  Dr. Ogbuokiri received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, Cincinnati, Ohio. She then completed an ASHP-accredited pharmacy practice residency in internal medicine and ambulatory care at the Cincinnati General Hospital and Clinics. She  received her Doctorate in Pharmacy  also from  the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy and after many years in academia, research and consulting, participated in the Takemi Program in Public Health and International Studies at the Harvard School of Public Health, 1994-1995.  She is a licensed pharmacist registered, originally in Ohio and current in the state of Louisiana.

            Dr. Ogbuokiri offers an on-going preceptorship in  HIV/AIDS at the HOP clinic and  teaches selected topics in infectious diseases with emphasis in HIV/AIDS and  AIDS and Drugs. She is a member of faculty for the Delta Region, the National, as well as the National Minority AIDS Education and Training Initiative that offers education to pharmacists, physicians, HIV Specialists for pharmaceutical companies  and other health providers in the care of AIDS/HIV-infected patients. She is currently serving on the Governor√Ęs Board for HIV/AIDS in the State of Louisiana. Her research interests include pharmacotherapeutics of AIDS/HIV, HIV in women and  authorship of materials for clinical education of providers and patients  in HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention.   Dr. Ogbuokiri is the Principal investigator for the National Minority AIDS Education and Training Center, Xavier Local Performing Site, a HRSA-funded initiative to provide continuing AIDS/HIV education and updates to healthcare providers taking care of minority patients with AIDS/HIV infection.



Antiretroviral Sequencing, complications due to HIV/AIDS treatment, women and HIV disease, adherence in HIV?AIDS, CAM therapy in HIV/AIDS and renal dosing in HIV disease.



For more information about the National Minority AIDS Education and Training Center, please go to the NMAETC website at for more information regarding the Xavier Local performing Site, go to




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