COP Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How many students apply for admission each year?
Approximately 500 applications are received annually.
How many students are enrolled in each entering class?
160 students are admitted each year.
Does Xavier participate in the PharmCAS application process?
As of July 2014, Xavier University College of Pharmacy's applications are to be submitted through PharmCAS WebAdmit.
Is Xavier going to a seven (7) year Doctor of Pharmacy program?
There are no immediate plans to convert to a 7-year degree program.
What types of scholarships are available to students entering into the pharmacy program?
Currently, two federally funded scholarships are available to entering College of Pharmacy students. They are: (1) Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) based on financial need and (2) the U.S. Department of Education Title III Program based on financial need and academic qualifications.
Is federal financial aid available to College of Pharmacy students?
Federal financial aid is available to U. S. citizens and permanent residents. Students should follow the most current federal financial aid guidelines in applying for financial assistance.
Is a degree required in order to apply to the Xavier College of Pharmacy?
A student is not required to have a degree to apply to the College of Pharmacy.
Must the required courses in theology/religion and philosophy be taken at Xavier University?
Transfer credit for theology/religion and philosophy courses will be accepted if the courses taken are equivalent to those offered by Xavier University. Theology/Religion courses submitted for transfer credit must be taken through an institution’s Theology or Religion Department. A general ethics course will not substitute for Health Ethics (PHIL 2400). The course must be equivalent to a bio-medical or health ethics course taught in a Philosophy Department.
What is the policy regarding course deficiencies?
The College of Pharmacy Admissions Committee will not consider applicants with more than 7 semester hours of coursework to be completed in the summer prior to the fall term of admission.
Does the College of Pharmacy accept students from other school/colleges of pharmacy?
Transfer students from other pharmacy programs are not accepted.
Is family housing available?
Family housing is not available.


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