Department of Counseling and Wellness Services

Personal Individual Counseling

Why should I seek personal counseling?

You are encouraged to seek personal counseling for a wide range of issues whether feeling depressed, dealing with stress, issues with self-esteem or relationship conflict.

What is personal counseling like?

Individual counseling involves meeting with a trained behavioral health professional where confidentiality is essential. You will begin with an intake where you will be asked a couple of questions, address your treatment plan, and establish goals you want to accomplish. From there, you will schedule to follow up with a counselor to see how you are progressing and if meeting treatment plan goals or if want to adjust goals. 


Listed are some of the problems that college students face. This list is not exhaustive, but students can and will get better through the development of healthy coping skills.

Assertiveness Training
Body Image
Emotional Difficulties
Relationship Issues
Stress Management
Substance Abuse
(Recovery Month)


Students are encouraged to visit Student Health if experiencing any medical concerns.

Department of Counseling and Wellness Services


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