Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual assault ranges from unwanted touching to rape. Sexual assault occurs when a person does not, or is unable to consent to sexual activity. A person is unable to consent when he or she is forced, threatened, intimidated or is mentally or physically incapacitated. Rape is defined as forced sex.  Sexual assault is unwanted sexual touching and fondling that stops short of rape or attempted rape.

Date rape, sexual assault, and rape are all pressing matters.  Each year, students across college campuses report sexual assaults that occurred on or off campus.  The statistics are alarming and many cases go unreported as students do not report sexual assaults to anyone. We want you to get help, know that you can report if yourself or someone else is sexually assaulted, and know that your voice matters.  Please review the informational resources and important contact information. Please call the Counseling & Wellness Center on Campus at 504-520-7315, Campus Police at 504-520-7490, and Student Services at 504-520-7359 to report any cases of sexual assault and to inform if any student is an alleged perpetrator as well.

How Can I Help Myself or a Friend if a Survivor of Sexual Assault

  • In immediate danger, call 911 to receive emergency help of which  the police a detective from sex crimes unit will be called out as  well to take your report
  • Please go to the SAFE Center immediately or within 120 hours from the time of the assault with SANE program at University Medical Center at 2000 Canal Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70112.
  • Do not wash, shower, eat drink or throw away the clothing during the attack as this will be important for evidence collection.
  • Call campus police if experience situation on/near campus at 504-520-7490
  • Call Counseling & Wellness Center  on campus at 504-520-7315 or walk in at St. Joseph’s Academic and Health Resource Center 2nd floor Suite 202
  • Please get help as emotional self-care, medical care, and wellbeing are essential.

Helpful Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Local Resources

Agency: Metropolitan Center for Women and Children
Call 504-837-5400 (24 Hour Crisis Line) or 1-888-411-1333
Services:  Crisis line, counseling, advocacy (legal/ medical advocacy), shelter, stalking information & referrals (SERVICES ARE FREE)

Agency: New Orleans Family Justice Center
 Call (24 Hour Assistance Crisis Line) 504-592-4005 and 504-866-9554
Services: Case management, individual & group counseling , advocacy legal (restraining & protective orders, court, District Attorney, NOPD, housing, survivor),  emergency shelter, address dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking) (SERVICES ARE FREE)

Agency: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s Program Louisiana State University Interim Hospital
Please visit Address: 2000 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
*Important Information can collect evidence up to 120 hours after sexual assault (please do not bathe wipe, eat or drink, bring any clothing worn during the incident), provide injury treatment, STD prevention, legal and medical information, crisis counseling, and follow up care) (All SERVICES ARE FREE )

Support Groups

Coffee and Conversation Group NOFJC (Flyer) Call 504-503-0871 (Support Group for Women)
Trauma Recovery Program NOFJC  Call 504-492-4005

New Orleans Sexual Assault Response Team 504-503-0872

State Resources
Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault  Call 985-345-5995 or 1-888-995-7273

National Resources
Its on Us to Stop Sexual Assault
Love is Respect 1-866-331-9474 text campus to 22522
Men Can Stop Rape Call 202-265-6530
National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-799-7233
National Sexual Violence Resource Center Call 717-909-0710
Office for Victims of Crime 202-307-5983
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network 1-800-656-4673
Stalking Hotline Call 1-800-621-4673
Together Against Sexual Assault (Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder)
Date Rape Awareness: Prevention & Safety Tips
You have the right to “say NO”-NO MEANS NO
You can refuse alcohol or drugs at anytime
Being under the influence does not equate consent.
Monitor cups at all times due to date rape drugs which many are colorless, odorless, and undetectable.
Be mindful if partner dating is aggressive, makes sexually inappropriate comments (RED FLAG)
Stay with friends and do not isolate
Don’t walk alone, take earphones out of ears stay alert
Park in well lighted areas, keep doors locked, if car breaks down call police, trusted adult
Have a cell phone on you at all times, keep phone charged, and put the GPS tracker on
Keep important safety numbers in your phone
Call someone who is supportive to let them know where you are
Remember to keep cash on hand if needed for transportation or to get to safe location
Please call the police/someone you trust if uncertain of location, isolated, and feel unsafe.
Call campus police to escort to car on campus
Reference: “Date Rape.”

Circle of 6 App (Free App to Help Prevent Violence Learn More here

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Help a Loved One
Safety Planning
Preserving and Collecting Evidence

Reporting Rape

Coping Guides for Survivors After Sexual Assault
After Sexual Assault: A Recovery Guide for Survivors
Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide for Resolution, Healing and Recovery 
Resources for Male Survivors

Self-Care for Survivors

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