Suggested Expansive and Free Elective Courses

The courses in the table below are "Suggested" to help you make a well informed decision when selecting courses that fulfil the Expansive and/or Free Elective Requirements.

REMEMBER - To select courses from 2 different categories when picking courses to meet expansive requirements.

*CS - recommended for Computer Science majors
*CIS - recommended for Computer Information Systems majors
*CE - recommended for Computer Engineering majors

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Expansive & Free Elective Listing
 Course # Name Category Credits Type Usually Offered Course Description Why Recommended
ART 1210 Engaging Digital Media Art 3 EXP Sp Learn media design using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator etc Intro to industry standard design software and useful tools to aid web design projects
ART 2110 History of Art Ia Art 3 EXP Fa Analyze art and architecture styles from the prehistoric-middle ages If interested in the history of art & architecture
ART 2120 History of Art Ib Art 3 EXP Sp Analyze the style of western art and architecture from the renaissance-present If interested in how and why the "French Quarter" looks the way it does − French and Spanish art and architecture
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ENGL 2020 Intro to World Lit II Humanities 3 EXP FaSp Analysis of literary works from western and non-western origin from 18th century-post modern period If you enjoyed ENGL 2010 a requirement, this is a good follow up or continuation
ENGL 3050 Shakespeare in Adaptation Humanities 3 EXP   Study of the adaptation, reception, and appropriation of Shakespeare's plays from the 18th-21st century Learn about one of the world's acclaimed best writers and his works
HIST 1500 Women in World History Humanities 3 EXP   Analysis of the experiences and roles of women in different cultural settings in world civilizations A good course to note the contributions and effects women had on world civilizations
HIST 1600 Conquest & Civilization in the Modern World Humanities 3 EXP   The quest by Europeans and Americans to conquer Africa, the New World, Asia, and the Middle East for God, glory & Gold Learn the reasons behind the spread of European civilization and power from the conquered & the conqueror
HIST 3040 History of Louisiana Humanities 3 EXP   Louisiana's colonial roots, its challenges as a young US republic and the crises of the Civil War Important and interesting course to know why Louisiana is the way it is. Huey Long - hero or foe?
PHIL 2080 African American Philosophy Humanities 3 EXP   Study of the philosophical issues dealing the Afro American experience Learn & understand the nature of Afro American philosophy, culture, race & discrimination - Is affirmative action justified?
PHIL 2400 Health Ethics Humanities 3 EXP FaSp Survey ethical issues pertaining to health professions Very interesting course debating several issues such as abortions, euthanasia, health care etc Will have you thinking..
PHIL 2410 Business Ethics Humanities 3 EXP FaSp Survey ethical issues pertaining to business organizations, institutions and professions Interesting insight into the ethics of business, rights of the employee, the responsibilities of employers as well as the responsibilities of businesses to the community and individual
THEO 1100 Christian Faith Humanities 3 EXP FaSpSu Intro to Christian theological tradition Learn the historical, cultural, and social context for Christian faith from the past-contemporary
THEO 2700 Religion and Theology in North America Humanities 3 EXP   Analysis of development of religious and theological issues in N. America Learn about the issues with religion in N. America, its perceptions and ideologies
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BIOL 1050 Environmental Biology Natural Science 3 EXP   Bio and socio implications between human society and the environment An issue like the impact of fertilizers on soil long term.. For instance, is it necessary or not?
ENGR 1000 Intro to Engineering Natural Science 1 EXP Fa Characteristics, methods, and obligations of engineers Learn about the apprenticeship required to become an licensed engineer
ENGR 1100 Intro to Engineering Design Natural Science 2 EXP Sp Intro to engineering design and methodology Learn teamwork and systematic problem solving -- Critical in developing software too!
MATH 2040 Basic Statistics II Natural Science 4 EXP Sp Testing of population means, goodness-of-fit and proportions etc If you enjoyed MATH 1020(a requirement) then this is a good follow up
PHYS 1530 How Things Work(Includes lab) Natural Science 3 EXP Sp How everyday objects work e.g., AC, bikes, sound etc You will learn basic principles of physics like simple machines, light and sound
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BSAD 1010 Into to Business Social Science 3 EXP FaSpSu Fundamentals of business admin and mangt. If you ever want to own or run a business, this should get you started
BSAD 3195 Computer Based Information Systems -*CIS Social Science 3 EXP FaSp How to apply computers to support the managerial decision-making process Learn how to use the organization of information systems and software to support managerial process
BSAD 3200 International Business - *CIS Social Science 3 EXP FaSp The major activities involved in int'l business Good course to learn economics, finance, taxation, rules, politics etc as they pertain to int'l business
CMST 1500 Intercultural Communication Social Science 3 EXP FaSp Foundation for cross-cultural interaction Equip you with the tools to aid meaningful cross-cultural interaction - we all need it!
ENTR 1020 Intro to Entrepreneurship Social Science 3 EXP Fa How to become a successful entrepreneur How to develop your idea, marketing, finance, mangt. Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,Mark Cuban etc
FINC 1070 Personal Finance - *(CS, CIS, CE) Social Science 3 EXP FaSp How to budget, invest, manage, evaluate benefits, and estate planning This is NECCESARY skill and tool to have. Need not say more!
MSCM 1200 Principles of Visual Media Social Science 3 EXP Sp Telling stories through video, audio, print design and photography If interested in movie/audio editing, learning how to story tell with photography and print, this is where to start
PSYC 1012 Human Development Social Science 3 EXP   Study of the individual from birth to senescence You get an insight to the stages of human life physically, emotionally, intellectually
SMKT 2050 Principles of Marketing - Non CIS Majors Social Science 3 EXP FaSpSu Nature and scope of modern marketing mangt. Learn to develop a good marketing scheme and what makes a marketing campaign successful
SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology Social Science 3 EXP   Development of social imaginations through regularities of social behavior Good course to learn why and how society operates the way it does, how people relate etc
SOCI 1011 Global Social Change Social Science 3 EXP   Social understanding of the meaning of living in a global society Good course to learn what it means to live in a global society. How social change is experienced differently around the world
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ART 2020 Intro to Graphic Design Elective 3 Free   Intro to visual communication design i.e. logo design, typography, layout principle etc using Adobe's Creative Suite An great way to prepare for not only web designing but graphic designing. You'll use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
ART 4010 Graphic Design a Elective 3 Free   Solving practical design problems and expanding digital techniques learned in ART 2020 A build on the Intro ART 2020 course
ART 4020 Graphic Design b Elective 3 Free   Solving practical design problems and expanding digital techniques learned in ART 2020 A build on the Intro ART 2020 course
CPSC 1005 Intro to PCs & Software Application Elective 3 Free FaSpSum Intro to computers and hands-on instruction on business application software (Word, Excel, Access, and PPT) As CS majors, it's expected that you know how to use standard application software proficiently
CRWT 1050 Intro to Creative Writing Elective 3 Free FaSp Intro to inventive techniques of drama, fiction and poetry If interested in writing poetry, stories, journals or scripts, this is the course for you
ENGR 1061 Modern Engineering Graphics Elective 3 Free Fa Intro to computer-aided design If you're remotely interested in learning about Auto Cad and engr design
MATH 2560 Discrete Structures for CS and Math II -*CS Elective 3 Free Sp Topics of math with application in CS - induction, recurrence relations, functions etc Good to take this to follow up Discrete I (MATH 2550) + it helps with upper level CS courses and it will read better on your transcript
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