Faq's - Satisfactory academic progress

Q. What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?
A. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the evaluation of students' academic history in order to determine eligibility for Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds. Students must make satisfactory academic progress in an eligible curriculum as a degree seeking student. The student's entire academic history is reviewed for this process regardless if the student received aid for the course work or credit hours attempted, regardless if the work transfers into Xavier or towards a change of major, or regardless to how long ago the courses were attempted at Xavier or another school.

Q. Why are you required to evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?
A. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is to ensure students are able to complete their academic program in a timely manner while achieving a minimum academic standard. In an age of increasing accountability of the use of Federal Student Aid funds (and other Federal, State, and Institutional funds), institutions and students must demonstrate that financial aid funds are being used to assist students in completing their academic goals in the most efficient way.

Q. If I do not meet SAP, can I still take out student loans?
A. When a student does not meet SAP that student cannot receive any type of Federal Student Aid, including Federal grants, Federal Direct Loans, or Federal work-study. The student may, however, apply for Private Loans through a lender of his/her choice, which does not require SAP. Private Loans differ from Federal Direct Loans in that the lender will check the student's credit history and may require a co-signer.

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