Faq's - Scholarship

Q. Are there any scholarships available?
A. All institutional and outside scholarships are processed, not awarded, in Financial Aid. Institutional scholarships for incoming freshmen are awarded in the Office of Admissions and the various academic departments.  Institutional scholarships for continuing students are awarded by the Office of Academic Affairs and the various departments.

Q. Why was my outside scholarship split in half between the fall and spring semesters?
A. Scholarships are posted according to the instructions provided by the awarding organization.  If a scholarship comes in for the 12-13 academic year, it will be posted for that year (evenly between the two semesters).  If a scholarship is intended for only one semester, the scholarship organization must include that information when sending the check to the school.

Q. If a scholarship is in my name, does it have to be submitted to the school?
A. Yes, if a scholarship is awarded to you, it is to assist with paying your educational expenses.  It must be submitted to the school and posted along with all other financial resources received. 

Q. When will my outside scholarship post?
A. Outside scholarships will post when the funds are received from the donor.  If you are expecting a scholarship that is not posted to your award, please be sure that it has been sent to the University already and then contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Q. I was awarded a Board of Trustees or President’s scholarship.  How will I get my book allowance?
A. Your book allowance is included in the total amount of the scholarship on your award.  It will be posted to your account at the beginning of the semester.

Q. Why was my loan reduced?
A. Scholarships must be posted along with federal aid in compliance with federal aid guidelines. To avoid an over-award of aid over a students’ cost of attendance, loans are reduced when scholarships are posted.

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