Faq's - College Work Study

Q. How much are work-study students paid?
A. Students awarded federal Work Study at Xavier is paid $8.00 an hour.

Q. How often do students get paid?
A. Federal Work Study students are paid once a month on the 15th of the following month
which you have worked.

Q. How many hours can a student work a week?
A. Minimum work hours allowed during enrollment periods 10hrs/week
Maximum work hours allowed during enrollment periods 20hrs/week

Q. Are the only available spots for work study located on campus?
A. No, we also offer Off Campus Work Study working in a variety of schools located within the community.

Q. When are timesheets due?
A. Timesheet due date every 3rd of the month following the month you have worked (ex. If you have worked the month of October your timesheets is due Nov. 3rd)

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