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Honors in History – Students selected by the placement process of the Admissions Office will be awarded honors in history if they earn at least a 'B' each in a 1000-level course with a designation of "H", any 2000-level course, and any 3000- or 4000-level course. Students may also take two 2000-level courses and one 3000-/4000-level course to fulfill the honors requirement, again provided they earn at least a 'B' in each class.

Phi Alpha Theta ( - Students who have completed 12 hrs in history, and maintained a 3.1 GPA and an overall GPA of 3.0 are eligible for induction to the honor society Phi Alpha Theta.  

Induction, Fall 2008

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees: Mercedes Proctor, Daphanie Taylor, Joseph Drexler-Dreis, Cassandra Shepherd, and former inductee Joffre Johnson
Dr. Jonathan Rotondo-McCord addresses the inductees
Daphanie Taylor
Cassandra Shepherd
Joseph Drexler-Dreis
Mercedes Proctor

History Club ­ - The Xavier University History Club also provides great opportunities for students to learn about the practice of history. Xavier History Majors and Minors are encouraged to join the History Club.  The History Club meets once a month and plans history related activities several times a semester, including trips in and around New Orleans and speaking events. 

One past event involved an interview with the renowned New Orleans chef and community activist Leah Chase, owner of Dooky Chase Restaurant.  The group had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Chase about her and her restaurant’s involvement in the push for civil rights in New Orleans.  The visit took place during the spring semester, 2008.  Later, in an event also organized by the History Club, Ms. Chase spoke on campus to a packed auditorium on her background as a young, black woman trying to succeed in New Orleans as well as the opportunities available today to young African-American students.

Leah Chase, Spring 2008

Students with Instructor Kelley Hamilton and Leah Chase
Instructor Kelley Hamilton with Leah Chase
Students with Instructor Kelley Hamilton and Leah Chase
Students with Sr. Barbara Hughes, Kelley Hamilton, and Leah Chase
Leah Chase, Speech at Xavier, April 2008
Leah Chase, Speech at Xavier, April 2008

For more information about Phi Alpha Theta or the History Club, please contact Sr. Barbara Hughes at

"History has thrust something upon me from which I cannot turn away." – Martin Luther King Jr.

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