Internships and Job Opportunities


For a list of possible jobs for history majors, check out the American Historical Association’s advice.

American Historical Association: Careers for History Majors

Also, this article in Newsweek magazine called “Well-Rounded Docs” is a reminder that History Majors make great candidates for medical school! 

Internships are a great opportunity for students to get an idea of the possible careers available to them.  See what former Xavier students have to say about their experiences!

Chianta Dorsey, History Major, writes:

            I started my internship in Spring 2009 at the Amistad Research Center at Tulane University. I helped put together the collection of Homer C. McEwen, a pastor at the First Congregational Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. McEwen pastored at First Congregational between 1947-1979, so I found a lot of documents pertaining to the civil rights movement in Atlanta. There were also other documents and books in the center’s library and archives that were at my disposal so I learned about other people besides Mr. McEwen.
Although I had the chance to work in other areas at the center, I found processing a collection to be the most interesting. A lot of detail, organization and work went into processing the collection and I wanted it to look as professionally done as possible for future scholars. The whole experience was very rewarding, and I not only learned a great deal about Homer McEwen but a lot about archival work and preservation as well. The staff at the center was very friendly and glad to answer the many questions I posed.

If you are interested in being an archivist or historian I would definitely suggest doing an internship at the Amistad Research Center because they have so much to offer in terms of opportunities.

"History has thrust something upon me from which I cannot turn away." – Martin Luther King Jr.

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