Xavier Phone System Dialing Instructions

The campus telephone system enables anyone off campus to dial the Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone numbers of any Main Campus, South Campus, or Student Residence Hall telephone directly.

1. Campus Operators
2. On-Campus Dialing
3. Off-campus Dialing
4. International Calls
5. Information Assistance
6. Collect and Credit Card Calls
7. Transfering Calls

Campus Operators
The Main Campus Switchboard number is 486-7411. To call individual extensions from off campus, dial 520-XXXX (XXXX the last four digits of the extension number).

On-campus Dialing
Calls can be placed between all telephones on the campus telephone system (Main Campus, South Campus) and Student Residence Halls by dialing a four-digit extension number.

Off-campus Dialing

  • (Local Calls) Dial "9" + outside telephone number
  • (Long Distance) Dial "8" + 1 + area code + phone number, listen for tone, enter PIN
  • Student Residence Halls
  • Dial "9" + outside telephone number (including 1 + area code if required). A PAC code is required from AT&T
  • Students may call Collect by Dialing 9 + 00 + area code + phone number
  • Students may also use Pre-Paid calling cards for long distance calls (instruction on cards)

International Calls
International calls can be placed without the assistance of the International Operator by dialing the call directly from a campus telephone.

  • Faculty/staff Dial "8 + 011" + Country Code + City Code. enter PIN at the tone.
  • Students Dial "9 + 011"+ Country Code + City Code. enter PAC at the tone.

For Information Assistance

  • From On Campus Dial "0"
  • From Off Campus 486-7411

Off-Campus Information
Consult your Telephone Directory or call Help Desk to have Electronic Directory loaded on your PC.

Collect and Credit Card Calls
If you need to place a collect call, dial "9-0". An Outside Operator will come on the line to further assist you. There may be a 15 -25 second delay before reaching the operator. If you receive a "fast busy" after dialing, use callback queuing by pressing the callback button or by holding on until a trunk becomes available. To use your calling card for Long Distance calls, dial 9 plus the "800" number for your calling card carrier. While it is possible to place collect calls from the University's system by dialing "9 + 0" for an outside operator, collect calls MAY NOT BE RECEIVED. In order to protect itself and you from fraudulently billed collect and third party calls, the University subscribes to a Telephone Company service called "billed number screening." Long Distance operators also block these calls, however there are occasions when their computers are down and calls may come through. If you accept a collect call, please be aware that.

  • It is against University policy.
  • You will be fully responsible for paying for such calls.
  • Student transcripts, diplomas and registration will be blocked if charges for collect calls are not paid.

To Transfer Calls
Calls may be transferred between all extensions on Campus without operator assistance. Press the transfer button, dial the desired extension number, announce caller, and then hang up. The call transfer will then be completed.