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Here you will be able to find all documentation pertaining to technology and its usage at the university. Please first select the appropriate section; Information & Tutorials, Forms or Policies from the main tabs, and then you will be presented with all of the detailed options. As new documentation becomes available it will be posted in this location.

If there is any information that you are looking for that is missing or incorrect, please let us know by contacting us through the ITC Helpdesk here.

What Are You Looking For

Documentation, Tutorials and Instructions

Banner - Navigation
PDF Documentation on using Banner Web navigation.
Banner - Requisition
PDF Documentation on Banner Web requisitions.
Banner - Contact Update
How to update your cell phone number using Banner Web.
Full user instruction documentation and guide.
Cable Service Set Up
Instructions on getting cable set up inside your dorm.
Card Reader Instructions
Attendance Reader Usage Instructions for Faculty.
Class Card Readers
Information and documentation on the class attendance readers.
Cox Support
Information about Cox's customer support center.
Device Registration
Instructions on logging into ClearPass and adding a device.
MAC Address
Instructions on how to locate your computers MAC address.
Phones - User Manual
Instructional video on how to use the XULA issued phones.
Phones - Voicemail
Cheatsheet for using the voicemail feature.
Wireless - Android
Connect to XULA wireless network using Android devices.
Wireless - iOS
Connect to XULA wireless network using iOS devices.
Wireless - Mac OS
Connect to XULA wireless network using Mac OS devices.
Wireless - Windows
Connect to XULA wireless network using Windows 8 & 10 devices.
Wireless - XULA-Guest
Connect to XULA-Guest wireless network.

Forms and Request

Guest Wireless Access
For providing non XULA faculty, staff & students wireless access.
Equipment Agreement
Laptop Agreement for all XULA issued laptop devices.
Cell Phone Stipend
Required to receive a cell phone stipend.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

Network Resources
XULA network resources policy.
Network Usage
XULA network usage policy.
XULA privacy policy.
Computer Specs
Recommended Computer Specifications for students.