Office of Technology Administration [ITC]

Class Attendance Reader Information

Here you will be able to find information you need regarding the Blackboard AT3000 Attendance readers.

  • Instructions for Use
  • 1. LOGIN

    1. The screen will display "Login/Go Online A": Press the A button (If not, press the Clear button)
    2. You will be prompted to enter a cashier number: Key in '1' and press Enter
    3. You will be prompted to enter a pin: Key in '1111' and press Enter


    1. Select "EV Menu"
    2. Select from the Main Menu "Change Event D: Press the D button
    3. Select from the Main Menu "Event Access A": Press the A button

      Now the students can swipe their active Xavier ID cards. Unit will beep immediately following a successful swipe.

    3. LOGOUT

    1. Press the Clear button
    2. Press the Arrow Down button (The blue button above the "3" and "D" buttons)
    3. The screen with display "Logout D": Press the D button
    4. The screen with display "Press OK to confirm cashier logout": Select "OK"

    Common Issues:

    1. Display screen is black. Check the electrical cord, it may be unplugged.
    2. Trying to log in, but display says, 'Unable to retrieve file information from the AC host." Network cord may be unplugged from the top of the reader.
    3. When I attempt to log in, the display does not say, 'Login/Go Online A'. Perform Logout Steps.
    4. Student attempts to swipe card, but nothing happens. Card is being swiped incorrectly.
    5. Student attempts to swipe card, but display says, 'Card is frozen' or 'Card is inactive'. Student must use valid Xcard. Card is either an older issue or student is not fiscally cleared. For assistance go to Auxiliary & Support Services in UC, Room 122-G.

    If you should have any problem not explained above, call the Helpdesk 520-7446

    Questions That May Occur:

    1. What do I do if a student forgets her I.D.? Remind the student that they are responsible for having their University I.D. with them at all times. You can document their presence in another form and forward that information in an email to with the class, the date, the student's name and your name.
    2. What do I do if I forget my "Event Number"? Please make a note of your event numbers. If you should forget, contact the helpdesk at 520-7449.
    3. Can someone else enter my "Event Number"? If you are going to be late to class you may designate someone else to enter your course event number. This could be a staff or faculty member or even a student in some cases. There are no major security issues with others having your event number but it should not be made available to everyone.
    4. What do I do if the reader doesn't work? See instructions above. If necessary, call the helpdesk at 520-7449.
    5. How do I stop someone from swiping a card for someone who is not present? Short of standing at the reader and monitoring the swipes yourself, it is nothing that can be prevented. This is no different than students signing a class attendance sheet for someone else. Depending on class size, you should get to know your students and recognize who is present and who is not present.
    6. Can I count a student present if they arrive after the 10-minute time limit?
      That is up to you. The readers will automatically "lock-out" swipes after the 10­minute time period. If you choose to do so, follow the steps in the answer to the first question.
    7. What do I do if I need to move my class to a different location? The event number is portable and can be entered on the card reader in the new location.
    8. Who can I call if I have problems? Again, should you have problems, take a look at these instructions to see if you can trouble-shoot. If not, call the helpdesk at 520-7449