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Mission Statement

Taking as our most fundamental principle the creation of a more just and humane society, the Department of Languages embodies a pluralistic teaching and learning environment by exemplifying our diversity. We infuse our courses with a multicultural, multiethnic content, committing ourselves to counter the inexcusable and all too frequent omission of the African continental and Diaspora presence in the teaching of languages and literatures, while at the same time incorporating a global perspective that prepares students for their professional and personal lives in the third millennium.

Through our own departmental diversity, our varied research interests, and our dedication to a pluralistic and integrated pedagogy, the Department of Languages works to advocate a sound intellectual dialogue, a rigorous and progressive academic formation, and a commitment to stand firm against all forms of injustice and prejudice. We engage in the ongoing enhancement of our curricula and dedicate our efforts to making all our courses encompassing, enriching, and challenging.


Five Xavier students - (front L-R) Malik Stevenson, Felicia Obialo, Chandler Carter, Donielle Williams, and Victoria Hardnett - joined the ranks of the Beta Lambda chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the national foreign language honor society, at the 2013 formal banquet and induction ceremony. Also on hand for the occasion were: (back L-R) Dr. Susan Spillman, Tiffany Ransom, Alexis Ellis, Patrick Jackson, Tiffany Weber, Celeste Edwards, Victoria Hardnett, Dr. Elizabeth Rousselle, and Bro. Herman Johnson.

Study Chinese language at Xavier under the auspices of the Confucius Institute.
The 1010-1020 sequence in both French and Spanish is now available online as well as in traditional course delivery format. Students are invited to consider this option, which gives more flexibility in scheduling.
A Message from the Chair

Bienvenidos! Willkommen! Bienvenue!

Are you interested in:

  • Increasing your career options to include the new global marketplace?
  • Having the possibility of working for one of the many branches of the government in a rewarding public service field?
  • Making more money after you enter the job market?
  • Studying abroad in order to expand your knowledge and gain a competitive edge in whatever field you choose?

If you answered YES to these questions, our department is for you!

Our programs give you many exciting options for future professional development, and open the doors of many cultures for you by giving you access to a rainbow of communities and civilizations in which you will take your rightful place as someone who has much to offer in the complex and challenging global economy of the twenty-first century.

Our faculty is composed of instructors from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including African Americans, Euro-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans. Because of the nature of language instruction, students are exposed to a diversity of cultures and perspectives both in the structure of their courses and in their contact with their instructors. Combining exciting and enriching instruction with the latest in classroom technology, our classes are small and you will receive the personal attention you deserve at all levels of instruction.

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