Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services is the centralized office to guide, support, and encourage community involvement and give public recognition to those students actively involved in community service. Participation and involvement in community service activities can eliminate a students’ self-doubt on career decisions, positively impact on class performance, and affect personal attitude on life---promoting competence, self-confidence and experience in problem-solving. Volunteer Services provides an array of opportunities for students based upon their interest, skills, and time commitment. Students can chose to participate in Mobilization At Xavier (MAX), Agency Clearinghouse, or One Time Volunteer Opportunities.

Mobilization At Xavier (MAX) began as a coalition of students desiring to promote social awareness and social responsibility through community service. This program offers a variety of campus service programs that help students MAXimize their time spent helping to rebuild the community. MAX is not a structure but a realization of a vision... a more humane and socially responsible society for tomorrow. "Servin' for a change", the group's motto, symbolizes the dedication to maximizing the time spent in helping to save and rebuild our communities. MAX is operated by student project coordinators who plan, implement and carry out all program activities and recruit volunteers (see MAX Volunteer Application). MAX offers service programs in the areas of Mentoring and Friendship, Literacy and Education, and Special Populations.

Agency Clearinghouse functions to introduce service agencies within the community. Volunteers are given the opportunity to function in agencies of their interest throughout the city. Agency Clearinghouse allows students to gain valuable public and non-profit career experiences in human and social services.

One-time Volunteer Opportunities are opportunities that allow all students who are not involved in on-going volunteer programs to experience volunteering in the community according to their interest.

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