Dr. Gene D’Amour
Senior Vice President for Resource Development 

Xavier University’s Office of Resource Development (ORD) serves to advise and assist members of the Xavier Community in developing plans for scholarly, creative, collaborative, and community programs that require increased revenue. This assistance includes identifying funding sources that might meet the revenue needs, implementing strategic initiatives to obtain the needed revenue, and finalizing arrangements to allow its receipt and use.

ORD operates through delegation of authority from the President of the University and the University Board of Trustees and is presided over by the Senior Vice President for Resource Development. The Office provides a wide range of information concerning services and support so that members of the Xavier Community are able to compete successfully for external funding in order to conduct research, educate students, create works of art and literature, compose music, or initiate new technologies.

In carrying out the goals and mission of the research arm of the University, ORD scrupulously guards the reputation and interests of the University and the entire Xavier Community by adhering to all applicable Federal and State Regulations, as well as all university policies and procedures, thereby attempting to ensure Xavier’s accountability, compliance, and continued sound stewardship.

Xavier’s ORD also coordinates the University’s relationships with federal, state, and local officials, as well as with Xavier’s Board of Trustees and Board of Visitors. The general areas within ORD are Sponsored Programs, including Research Compliance, Government Affairs, Technology Transfer / Intellectual Property, Title III, and Board Relations. The Staff of ORD are here to assist all members of the Xavier Community. Please call on us if you need help in any of the areas.

For Additional Information
Rachel Cruthirds, Assistant Vice President for Resource Development
Carlette Reeves, Executive Assistant, Resource Development

(504) 520-5444

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