Accelerated Pre-Law Curricula

Xavier students who are interested in attending law school may shorten by one year the total time required to complete both the bachelor’s degree and the law degree by participating in approved 3+1 programs. These programs are currently offered by the Departments of Philosophy and Political Science. In a 3+1 plan, the student completes three years at Xavier and spends his or her senior year at an accredited law school. After successfully completing 27-30 semester hours at the law school, the student transfers the law school credit to Xavier and receives the bachelor’s degree. Thus, after four years, the student will have completed all the requirements for graduation from Xavier and have successfully finished the first year of law school.

The accelerated programs do not assure a student’s acceptance into law school. Admission to law school is the responsibility of the student. There are several law schools in the United States that allow admission of the exceptional student who has not completed an undergraduate degree. The student who is interested in a career in law should express this intention to and arrange for an on-going consultation with the Pre-Law Advisor at his or her first registration at Xavier.

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