Minors for Pre-Law Students

Students should select a minor that either supports a future of legal specialization or builds writing and analytical skills. Xavier offers the Pre-Law minor within the Department of Political Science and the Law and Humanities minor as an interdisciplinary course of study for pre-law students.

Pre-Law Minor
This minor, under the administration of the Pre-Law Advisor, consists of specialized courses within the Political Science program of study. Such a minor is available to non-Political Science majors who are considering entrance into the legal profession including law school, criminal justice programs, public service, and political office.
The minor in pre-law requires 18 hours in the following courses: PSCI 2120, Judicial Process; PSCI 2100, Law, Politics and Society; PSCI 3133, Mock Trial and Debate, PSCI 2060, International Law; PSCI 3100, Constitutional Law; PSCI 3110, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties; and PSCI 4963, Legal Internship.

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