RCMI Administration

Principal Investigator                                              Gene D’Amour, Ph.D. 
Program Director & Principal Investigator          Guangdi Wang, Ph.D.
Advisor and Consultant                                          Regina Benjamin, Ph.D.
Associate Program Director                                   Robert Blake, Ph.D.
Associate Program Director                                   Daniel Sarpong, Ph.D.
Program Manager                                                    Erica Severan, MS

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for managing Xavier's RCMI Cancer Research Program in its daily operation and offering the administrative support needed to help the center achieve research goals. The Administrative Core will provide leadership in establishing new research focuses and collaborations for pushing Xavier University’s biomedical research to the next level of competitiveness in funding and publishing. The long term goal is to ensure the achievement of all RCMI objectives through effective management and synergistic interactions with other research programs on campus, thereby significantly enhancing Xavier’s biomedical research capabilities.

Organizational Chart of Xavier's RCMI Program

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