Research at Xavier

Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

Dr. Tarun Mandal, Professor and Director of the Center for Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery, is evaluating the suitability of a novel nanometer size vaccine.¬† The major goals of Dr. Mandal'Äôs research are to establish a platform for R&D in pharmaceutical product development in the New Orleans metropolitan area and to establish new commercial opportunities for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the state of Louisiana.


Dr. Mandal, right, and students, prepare to spray dried nanoparticles using a Buchi Laboratory Mini Spray Dryer.  This nanoparticle formulation is suitable for targeted lung delivery via inhalation. 

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Dr. Levon Bostanian, Professor of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, and P-2 Pharmacy student Valencia Walker measure the size and zeta potential of nanoparticles to evaluate the efficacy and long-term stability of these formulations.

Research at Xavier