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Summer Start Institute

The Summer Start Institute (SSI), is a five-week intensive residential summer program, is designed to provide focused instruction in math and assist newly admitted students in their transition to Xavier University.

Participants have an opportunity to complete their developmental math (MATH 0990D) requirement during the summer and strengthen their foundation in reading and English composition. Successful completion of the program allows students to enroll in collegiate level math courses during the fall term, earning more credits towards degree completion.

The Summer Start Institute also identifies students' level of abilities and provides career assessments, prescriptive plans of study, academic advisement, and individualized counseling.


Housing, meals, and co-curricular activities are provided by Xavier University of Louisiana.

Student financial aid may be available for students to assist with the cost of the Math 0990D course.  All participants are responsible for paying a $200 deposit ($150 New Student Orientation Fee and $50 Acceptance Deposit) and the $1,150 cost of the Math 0990D course.  The deposit MUST be paid prior to the start of the program and is non-refundable and credited to the students accounts during the fall term.  

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information regarding the financial aid availability.

Registration for the Summer Skills Institute is not complete until all supplemental documents are submitted.  Participants are required to submit the following by June 9, 2017.

  • Program essay to
    • Tell us why you decided on the major and/or career path that you are planning on pursuing.  When did you make this decision?  What factors led to you choosing this major and/or career and not another?  (450-550 words)
  • Health and Immunization Forms
    • All medical records are considered confidential. Please make sure to put Summer Start Institute or SSI on each page of your document(s) and you may mail, hand deliver or fax those to: (504) 520-7806.  Click HERE to download the Health and Immunization forms.

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For further information about the Summer Start Institute, please contact:

College of Arts and Sciences
Student Academic Success Office
1 Drexel Drive
Box 164
New Orleans, LA 70125-1098