Why SI

What students are saying about Supplemental Instruction….

  • 83% of students that attended SI strongly agreed/agreed that as a result of attending SI, they are a better student now than they were at the beginning of the semester.
  • 82% of students that attended SI strongly agreed/agreed that SI helped them complete this course.
  • 81% of students that attended SI  strongly agreed/agreed that they are more confident now about doing well academically at XULA than they were at the beginning of the this course
  • “I really think the S.I. Sessions are helpful. It prepared me not only for this course but made me go to study sessions in other courses.”
  • The session was like a part two of the class with more explaining and you got to focus on what you’re really having problems with.”
  • “SI was good because it was a smaller learning environment. My SI leader always made an effort to help us and she taught me new study methods.”
  • “Emmanuel helped me to be confident in my work, and pushed me to try and work harder.”
  • “My SI leader made our sessions fun/interactive. He has a cool personality.”
  • “SI was a convenient and free way to help me study and excel in my class. My SI leader was knowledgeable and personable.”
  • “My SI leader was very enthusiastic and informative. She was also very helpful when something wasn't understood by us.”
  • “More personal learning in smaller groups. The ability to interact more closely and be able to get a better understanding.”
  • “My first test grade without SI was a 69% after going to SI I got a 92% on the following test.”
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