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Welcome to the Office of Student Accounts Question and Answers web-site.  This web-site contains frequently asked questions and related responses regarding Registering for Classes, Financial Aid, Completing the Registration Process, the Installment Payment Plan, Refunds to Students, Waivers, Exemptions and Sponsored Billings, the W$ Process, Pre-Registration for the Subsequent Semester and Tax Reporting.

If you should either have additional questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts at (504) 520-7667,, or in person at Xavier South, 3rd Floor, Room 300-B.

Completing the Registration Process

1. How can a Student complete the Registration Process Early?
The Office of Student Accounts mails an Early Registration Assessment Form (known as PEARL) to students, after the students complete the pre-scheduling of their classes. PEARL is the acronym utilized for Pay Early and Avoid Registration Lines. Students will receive a PEARL assessment form summarizing the estimated cost of their enrollment (mandatory tuition, fees and housing if applicable) for the semester less estimated financial aid awards PLUS any unpaid balance from a prior semester. The estimated cost does not include books, parking decals or lab supplies.
2. How much does it cost to attend Xavier University of Louisiana?
Information regarding tuition and fees at Xavier University of Louisiana is available on the following link:
3. What are the mandatory University fees?
The University's mandatory fees represent charges for an ID Card, a Yearbook, Information Technology, Student Government Dues, Lab, Health Insurance and New Student Orientation Fees (for a First-time Freshman and a Transfer Student). See
4. What are the advantages of participating in PEARL?
Students can avoid the long registration lines and get Fiscally Cleared early.
5. How can I participate in PEARL?
A student must register early for classes during the Registrar's pre-scheduling period in order to participate in PEARL. The next step is to submit the minimum required payment along with the signed PEARL assessment form to the Fiscal Department by the designated deadline. The PEARL Assessment form can be delivered in person or by mail. If the student is not required to make a payment, because their financial aid covers the entire cost of attendance, sign and date the PEARL Assessment form and either return or fax the form to the Office of Student Accounts at 504-520-7987 by the designated deadline. A student must return the signed PEARL Form with the appropriate payment (if required) to be fiscally cleared.
6. What if my scholarships are not included in my financial aid?
If the scholarship award for the semester is not included in a student's financial aid, take ½ of the entire scholarship amount and add that amount to the Expected Financial Aid section on the PEARL Assessment Form. Then, subtract the adjusted total Expected Financial Aid from the Estimated Cost of Attendance. If a balance remains, divide the amount by two and remit that amount as the required payment. Please include a copy of the scholarship check with the signed PEARL Assessment form. If a payment is not required, simply sign and date the PEARL Assessment form and mail it with a copy of the scholarship check to the return address indicated on the PEARL Form. Bring the original check to the Office of Student Accounts within the first week of school.
7. What actions are necessary if I have a Credit/Negative amount (required payment) on my PEARL Assessment Form?
The Credit/Negative amount reflected as a required payment indicates that a refund is due to the student with a payment not being required for registration. However, to complete the registration process, a student must sign, date and submit the PEARL Assessment Form by the designated due date. If the PEARL Form is not received, the student must attend Registration to secure their classes and be fiscally cleared.
8. What if I choose not to participate in PEARL?
Students who do not participate in PEARL must attend registration in the University Center Ballroom during the two day registration period between 8:00am and 4:00pm to be fiscally cleared.
9. Why is my loan amount on the PEARL Assessment Form different from what is posted to my Student Account?
A 3% Origination Fee is deducted from the borrowed or principal amount before the lender electronically transfers any funds to Xavier University. Ex.: If a student borrows $2750.00 from the lender, Xavier University will receive $2667.50 (less $82.50) for posting to their account. The 3% Origination Fee is a policy of the lender and not Xavier University.
10. How can I verify that I am registered and fiscally cleared to attend classes if utilizing the Pearl Process?
Please perform the following steps to verify that a student has completed registration and has been fiscally cleared:
  • Log on to;
  • Click on Banner Web;
  • Login to the Secured Area;
  • Enter User ID (SSN or student ID) and PIN # (Birth date in MMDDYY format);
  • Click on “Log In”;
  • Go to the Registration/Student Services and Financial Aid Link;
  • Click on the Registration Link;
  • Click on the Check Registration Status Link and view your status; and
  • If the Link indicates that “YOU ARE REGISTERED OR YOU ARE FISCALLY CLEARED”, print the screen for your records.  Report to Room 122G in the University Center with your printout to receive an X card (Xavier ID card).


If the link indicates that YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED for the Semester in question, then the student MUST report to the University Center Ballroom during the Registration period to complete their registration and be fiscally cleared.

11. What issues will prevent a student from being fiscally cleared?
  • Failure to submit a High School Transcript to the Admissions Office;
  • Failure to file a Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Failure to resolve a Student Aid Report rejection;
  • Failure to accept a Financial Aid Award;
  • Failure to provide financial aid verification documents to the Office of Student Financial Aid;
  • Failure to sign the Master Promissory Note and/or participate in an Entrance Interview;
  • Failure to complete the Health Assessment Form and provide the Proof of Immunizations; and
  • Failure to submit the correct required payment for PEARL.
12. What if I did not complete the Registration Process?
Failure to complete the Registration Process on the last day of registration by 4:00 pm will result in a student’s class schedule being dropped or deleted from the system.  A student may not be able to get the same schedule as before because the classes may be closed.  Subsequently, the student will have to re-schedule their courses by the last day of the Add/Drop period and report to Fiscal Services to make the required payment for Fiscal Clearance.  A Late Registration Fee of $100 is added to the account balance.


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