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Welcome to the Office of Student Accounts Question and Answers web-site.  This web-site contains frequently asked questions and related responses regarding Registering for Classes, Financial Aid, Completing the Registration Process, the Installment Payment Plan, Refunds to Students, Waivers, Exemptions and Sponsored Billings, the W$ Process, Pre-Registration for the Subsequent Semester and Tax Reporting.

If you should either have additional questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts at (504) 520-7667,, or in person at Xavier South, 3rd Floor, Room 300-B.

W $ Process (Student Financial Counseling)

1. What is W$ Counseling?
W$ Counseling is financial counseling between the student and the Office of Student Accounts’ representative regarding the student’s unpaid balance.  The Student Accounts' Representative will discuss the student’s outstanding balance prior to the end of the semester. This service is utilized to assist the student in obtaining fiscal clearance for final exams.
2. Who should attend the W$ Counseling?
Any student with an outstanding balance as of October 31 or March 31, should participate in the W$ Counseling Sessions.
3. When/Where are the W$ Counseling Sessions taking place? 
W$ Counseling session dates and the location are posted on the Office of Student Accounts’ website for the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Also, notifications are sent to those students with outstanding balances.
4. What happens if I do not attend W$ Counseling and have an unpaid account balance?
A Student is not allowed to take Final Exams with an unpaid account balance unless the student is fiscally cleared by the Office of Student Accounts.


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