Summer Programs

Housing and Residential Life

(SOAR & EXCEL Participants)

Students will live in a St. Katharine Drexel and St. Michael’s corridor style residence halls, where Xavier University freshmen live during the academic year. Students live in double rooms and share community bathrooms. Monday through Friday, breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunches and dinner are included in the cost of the program.

Resident assistants and Resident Mentors live in the halls and advise and supervise students in residence. If you live on campus, your Resident Assistant and Resident Mentor will become a very important resource and friend during your stay. Hall meetings are arranged as well as hall activities. In addition, living with a roommate within a real college residence hall setting is an important part of your pre-collegiate experience.

On opening weekend, students will wait until all roommates arrive before determining who settles in which bedroom and sleeps in which bed. This is an excellent way to get to know your roommates and to begin to develop ways to build community. If you and your roommates ever need help resolving a dispute, you should talk with your Resident Mentor.

Quick Facts about Housing:

  1. Roommates are the same gender.
  2. Buildings are single sexed.
  3. We are unable to honor building and roommate requests.
  4. Each room is provided with a twin bed (36x80"). A desk, closet and storage/display shelves are provided in each resident's room. All suitcases and belongings must be able to be stored in your room. If you need additional storage space, there are nearby storage facilities for a fee.
  5. During check-in, we will provide hand trucks to each hall to assist in getting luggage to your rooms.
  6. Cooking is not permitted in your room because of fire safety regulations. Personal microwave ovens are not allowed. Microwaves are provided on each floor of the residence hall.
  7. Internet access is available in each room and around campus. Free internet service is provided via the university’s network.
  8. We do not have campus accommodations for guests because of limited space. During check-in, there are hotels nearby where parents/guests can reserve rooms

St. Katharine Drexel (K.D.) is a six story building that houses female students. Each floor has a community restroom and shower facilities. The hall has central cooling and heating. Each room is approximately 15’ x 11’ and houses two occupants.

St. Michael Hall is a three story building that houses male students. Each floor has community restrooms and showers facilities. The hall has central cooling and heating. The rooms are approximately 15’ x 13’ houses two occupants.


New Orleans' temperature range is generally 40 to 90 degrees (F). It is usually humid in spring and summer. Informal dress is the style on campus. Casual clothes are worn to class. Bare feet are not permitted. Sleepwear is not permitted outside of the residence hall. Bring semiformal/formal attire, so that you may be prepared for social activities.


We recommend that you bring the following items for a smooth transition to the living on campus for the summer:

  1. clothes hangers
  2. power surge protector with minimum joule rating of 600
  3. bed linen & pillows (twin or twin long)
  4. blankets
  5. mattress cover (twin or twin long)
  6. alarm clock
  7. metal trash can
  8. pad lock
  9. towels and wash cloths
  10. shower cap & shoes
  11. small radio
  12. iron
  13. laundry basket
  14. plastic ware
  15. laundry supplies
  16. snacks
  17. desk lamp
  18. family photos
  19. paper/pens/pencils
  20. photo ID
  21. raincoat and umbrella
  22. wall calendar
  23. laptop


The following are not allowed in the residence halls and will result in disciplinary sanctions if found possession:

Weapons, Firearms, Explosives, Candles, Incense, Potpourri Burners, Hot Plates, Immersion Heaters or any Appliances with Exposed Heating Coils, Pets, Alcohol/Drug Paraphernalia, Window Air Conditioners, Dimmer Switches, Ceiling Fans, Electric Blankets, Refrigerators, Barbeque Grills, Halogen Lamps, Space Heaters, and Microwaves.

Residence Hall Mailing Address and Phone Numbers

St. Katharine Drexel
1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 520-7350

St. Michael Hall
1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 520-7347

Summer Programs