Students completing the B.A. in Theology will know and understand the methods used in the study of theology and religion, and will also demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of the theories used in the study of religion.

The Theology program requires Theology majors to take the following courses:

• 1100 – The Christian Faith
• 1120 – Introduction to Hebrew and Christian Scriptures
• 1170 – Introduction to Theology
• 3010S – Seminar on specialized topics in the related field of theology.
• 3020S – Seminar to prepare for comprehensive exams.
• 4999 – Senior Comprehensives.

In addition, majors must take 15 hours in any one of the following three areas:

1) Fundamentals of Theology,
2) Historical Theology,
3) Biblical Studies.

Theology majors must also take 15 hours of Theology electives.

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