Writing Resource Center


During the semester, the Writing Resource Center offers several workshops covering various writing and grammar related topics. 

Grammar is a massive component of writing; many workshop topics review particular areas. 

Learning how to properly research projects and essays is important. Workshops provide students with strategies they can use to smoothly integrate and explain the significance of quotations and paraphrases into their writing assignments.  Workshops also inform students of research resources. Workshops on specific citation styles (MLA and APA) are offered for students to learn the basics and to avoid plagiarism. 

The Writing Resource Center also offers workshops on writing personal statements for students pursuing professional opportunities and graduate programs.  All workshops this semester will be held on Tuesdays at 12:15 (with sign-ins beginning at noon) unless otherwise noted.


Subject Matter/Description



Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

How to write an effective personal statement

Tuesday, Jan. 16
Tuesday, Mar. 20

12:15 pm

Successful Revision Strategies

How to make the most efficient use of your time and energy when revising

Tuesday, Mar. 13

12:15 pm

APA Style

How to properly format your paper and document research in APA style

Tuesday, Feb. 27
Tuesday, Apr. 24

12:15 pm

Fragments, Run-Ons, Subject/Verb Agreement Errors, Verb Tense Errors

How to recognize and correct the “big four” grammar and mechanical issues

Tuesday, Jan. 23
Tuesday, Apr. 3

12:15 pm

Commas and Apostrophes

How to recognize and fix errors involving these commonly misused punctuation marks

Tuesday, Jan. 30
Tuesday, Apr. 10

12:15 pm

MLA Style

How to properly format your paper and document research in MLA style

Tuesday, Feb. 20
Tuesday, Apr. 17

12:15 pm

Other People’s Ideas

How to incorporate outside research and avoid plagiarism

Tuesday, Feb. 6
Tuesday, May 1

12:15 pm

Writing Under Pressure

Success strategies for timed and essay exams

Tuesday, Mar. 6

Tuesday, May. 8

12:15 pm


Writing Resource Center

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