Alumni Recruitment

 Getting Started:

Are you an Alumni member interested in helping to recruit the next generation of Xavierites, then you have come to the right place. This website is to serve as a tool to help aid you in getting started or continuing with aiding in Xavier’s recruitment efforts.

You will find a number of different training materials on this website to help you get started with recruiting if you have not done so before or if you need to refresh yourself. Please review the different documents on this website in order to get acquainted with alumni recruitment.

If you have any questions regarding the information found on this website or general information regarding Alumni recruitment of prospective students, please contact Ariel McFadden ( from the Office of Admissions or Nicole Summers ( from the Office of Alumni Relations

Alumni Recruitment & Training:

The Office of Admissions appreciates your willingness to aid in Xavier’s efforts of recruiting the next generation of Xavierites. Before participating in a college fair or recruitment event as an Alumna/Alumnus representative or receiving recruitment materials (if need be since most recruitment opportunities are virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions), you are required to become up-to-date with all current information needed to properly recruit. Please review the training materials found below to become acquainted with current Xavier recruitment information.

Once you have reviewed all of the materials, please complete the Alumni Recruitment Quiz listed below to proficient knowledge of proper recruitment practices and current Xavier information. The quiz will need to be completed before representing Xavier at any recruitment event or receiving any physical materials (if need be). Also, if you plan to participate in a virtual recruitment event that requires a presentation to be given, an updated recruitment presentation can be shared with you upon request once the Alumni Recruitment Quiz has been completed.

If you would like to participate in a live, virtual training opportunity, please refer to the Upcoming Events section below.

Alumni Training Materials:

  • Alumni Recruitment Handbook: One of the best tools to start off with is the Alumni Recruitment Handbook. The Handbook will serve as an extended guide into what you need to know about recruiting for Xavier. Please review it to brush up on your general Xavier knowledge as well as recruitment information.
  • Training Presentation: This presentation has information that will definitely be pertinent for the different types of recruitment atmospheres that you may find yourself recruiting within. You will also find admissions information that will help you to understand the application process.
  • Xavier Quick Facts Sheets: These documents can be viewed in order to learn information that might be used during small conversations with potential Xavier students. You will find distinctions that the University has earned as well as facts about the University's accomplishments.
  • Travel Brochure: This brochure is often given to students during recruitment events to provide them with a concise document outlining recent Xavier statistics, stories, admissions information & general information regarding the University. This can also be shared with prospective students that you come in contact with. 
  • Alumni Recruitment Quiz: Once you have reviewed all of the training information above, you should be ready to complete the Alumni Recruitment Quiz. The Quiz must be completed prior to participating in any recruitment event or receiving any recruitment materials (if applicable). Please click below to access the Quiz:

Recruitment Materials Request Form:

This form is to be completed if you are in need of recruitment materials for a college fair or recruiting opportunity within your area.  We ask that you submit your requests at least two to three weeks prior to a recruitment event to allow for the proper amount of shipping time.  

>> Complete the Alumni Recruitment Materials Request Form:


Sign-Up for a Live Recruitment Training: If you would like to participate in a live, virtual training to become acquainted with Alumni Recruitment information, please complete the registration form. Training sessions will take place on the first Saturday of each month with a representative from the Office of Admissions. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have regarding Alumni Recruitment.

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