Career Assessment Tools

Strong Interest Inventory (Myers-Briggs) 

What is the Strong Interest Inventory Test? 

a. The Strong Interest Inventory test is an assessment that helps people match their interests with potential educational, career, and leisure activities, using an individual’s preferences in a variety of areas to aid them in discovering what they’d most enjoy doing with their work and their free time. Each career option and college major category has a set of interest themes associated with them. Based on your answers (and the answers of those surveyed when the assessment was updated), you will score higher or lower on those scales. More important than the definitive scales that you score high on are the patterns between your likes and dislikes, and what they mean when looked at all together. When you receive your inventory, you’ll be given a clear insight into which sorts of activities and subjects you prefer, along with a brief interpretation of these results. 

Are you interested in taking the Strong Interest Inventory Test? 

All incoming freshmen are required to take the Strong Interest Inventory test. Any current Xavier upperclassmen and graduate students may inquire about taking the test by emailing