Study Abroad

Summer Study Abroad in China

The Xavier University of Louisiana Confucius Institute encourages students to apply for the Summer Study Abroad in China Scholarship. This scholarship covers 1) group travels within China for at least $3,500 of monetary value; and 2) with the availability of funds, a Confucius Institute International Travel Scholarship for Xavier students enrolled in Chinese classes.
Note that this program is subject to Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters’ approval. If the number of students enrolled in this program is less than what Hanban approves (between 15-20), then the trip will be canceled prior to the reservation of international air tickets. 

  1. Eligibility: full-time Xavier graduate or undergraduate students or Confucius Institute affiliated students, who have studied Mandarin for one to two semesters at the time of travel, and who have not previously been a participant of the Confucius Institute Summer Study Abroad Program.
  2. Proposed time: early summer. To reduce the cost of international travel, the group may depart New Orleans prior to Xavier University Commencement. 

Except for students’ personal purchases, group transportation, admission fees for cultural sites, tuition, meals and lodging are all picked up by the scholarship program.

Costs estimate for international travel: around $1,500 to $2,000.

  1. Air tickets: this depends on the time of travel. Typical number runs between $1,100 to $1,600 round trip.
  2. Regular U.S. passport fee (if you don’t have one yet): $135
  3. Passport and visa photos and etc.: $25
  4. Chinese visa: carrier fee $100; visa fee around $140.

Confucius Institute International Travel Scholarship for Xavier Students Only

Depending on the availability of funds, the Confucius Institute will provide some subsidy to offset the costs of student international travel on a merit basis.

A complete application package includes:

  1. The coverage page
  2. A two-page cover letter (double spaced) outlining 1) why you want to join the study trip to China, and after the trip, 2) how you envision sharing your learning outcomes in China with other students, and 3) your proposed date and time of a presentation to either your program students at Xavier, or your previous high school on your Mandarin learning and study abroad in China experiences.

To download the cover page, please click here.