Advancing the creation of a Just and Humane Society

Gifts to Xavier University help students eXpand their horizons, so that they may go on to lead and serve in a global society. For donors, the philanthropic effect can be profoundly fulfilling as it can tremendously impact the course of many deserving young students’ lives.

“I want the students to carry on the tradition of eXcellence. I want to see the Xavier legacy passed on,” said legendary artist, educator and Xavier alum John T. Scott, ’67.

In order to honor the legacy of Mother Katharine Drexel and the mission of Xavier University, we must be purposeful in shaping the future by investing our time and resources in it. Your financial contributions and leadership is vital to shaping the student eXperience, creating new ideas and cutting-edge research, and elevating the eXpansion of our academic program offerings. 

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Make a commitment to the future of Xavier University and all students who call upon you to continue Mother Katharine’s legacy towards the creation of a just and humane society.


Make an investment in the education of a young, gifted student.



Did you know that the Xavier University Main Building, Convent and Library are three late Gothic Revival architecture style buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places? These buildings, as well as the student residence halls, parking lots, classrooms and labs require ongoing maintenance to restore and enable the legacy of eXcellence for tomorrow’s leaders who walk our halls today.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Honor a living or deceased relative, friend or colleague with a gift that continues their legacy to future generations of Xavierites.

Make a Tribute Gift

Academic Programs

Maintain and enhance the academic rigor of Xavier University’s curriculum and program offerings.

Support University Programs

Summer Programs

A variety of summer opportunities enrich the academic and social development of middle school and high school students from around the world at Xavier University.



Be the hero to a meritorious student who may face an unforeseen or unusual circumstance due to personal or family emergencies.



  • Michael ‘21

    The joy of reading “Congratulations” is amazing and I have been able to experience this, thanks to the Fred J. Carter Scholarship. This award proves that my academic excellence and leadership skills are appreciated. I would like to thank the Chicago Alumni Association again for being in support of me and other students’ academic journeys through this scholarship.

  • Briya ‘21

    Thank you for showing me love and generosity through your act of giving. Your kindness will resonate with me forever. I cannot express enough how much this scholarship means to me. I won’t let you down and thank you for believing in me.

  • Lashawnda ‘20

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I often find myself worried or stressed about paying for school but with the Ella West Freeman Scholarship I can put my worries aside and take advantage of the opportunities that are placed before me.

  • Tristan ‘21

    I am truly humbled to be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship. This generous contribution to Xavier University of Louisiana and me is very much appreciated and will be put to good use by helping me continue my path as a scholar.

  • Maliya ‘20

    Your investment has made a huge difference not just financially, but emotionally and mentally. Funding my own education has been a struggle for me since freshman year, and every year someone is gracious enough to assist me. I am truly blessed. I hope that one day I am placed in a position to help others like you have helped me.

“What makes Xavier different is the people, the environment, the fun, the culture of it. And then it’s New Orleans - that’s completely different in and of itself.”

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