Office of Disability Services FAQs

Office of Disability Services FAQs

The University Section 504 Coordinator is Kevin Wolf and his contact email is

Accommodations are modifications or changes that limit the impact of a person’s disability. In order to receive accommodations, you must provide documentation of your disability and how it impacts you in the academic environment. Once accommodations are determined, you are responsible for requesting your accommodations each academic year.

No, you must complete a recertification. Each term students register for new classes and the professor changes. Those new professors have to be notified of your accommodations and this is done by recertification.

Students who qualify for services must have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. To register for services with the Office of Disability Services (ODS), a student is encouraged to provide current documentation of a disability.  Documentation should include a specific diagnosis and be completed by a qualified licensed professional. If you feel you have a disability, but do not have any current documentation, you should still contact ODS for assistance.

The student is responsible for getting the appropriate and current documentation to ODS. If testing or assessments need to be done, all cost incurred is the responsibility of the student.

ODS does not provide evaluation services. We will, however, provide a list of testing centers in the New Orleans area that perform psycho-educational and neuropsychological assessments.

Refer to the Housing Accommodations:

Yes. Students with temporary disabilities must follow the same registration procedures as all other registered students. When appropriate, accommodations are approved on a temporary basis. Click here for more information:

There is no special application process for students with disabilities applying to Xavier, although a student may voluntarily disclose their disability during the admissions process. Please understand that your disability has no impact on the admissions decision.

An individual with a disability who uses a service animal is not required to register the animal with university authorities prior to bringing the animal on campus. However, students are strongly encouraged to register with Disability Services so that the presence of the animal on campus is documented as part of an approved accommodation. At your request this can also be added to your notification letter. Only trained service animals, not emotional support pets, are allowed in campus buildings. Click here for more information:

Students who plan to attend a Study Abroad Program and seek academic or housing accommodations at a particular site should contact ODS to request accommodations. Students must be registered with ODS to be eligible for accommodations. ODS will work with the student and the Study Abroad Program to arrange approved accommodations. Students with disabilities planning to study away are strongly urged to obtain information in advance regarding the specific site’s programs and facilities and to arrange a meeting with the ODS coordinator to discuss potential barriers.

No, ODS does not provide tutoring. You may contact the department of the course you are having difficulty in for a tutoring referral.

Students who need to have a copy of their disability documentation forwarded to another party must complete a signed release. Please complete the release of information form (link) and return to ODS.

Agencies administering professional exams (i.e. GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT) or certification exams (i.e. NTE, CSW, Bar exam) typically require individuals seeking disability related accommodations to submit current documentation of disability and/or a test packet form completed by the postsecondary institution’s Center for Students with Disabilities. Disability Services must verify that the documentation of disability on file is current and complete and that the individual has used the requested accommodations while in attendance. Individuals seeking test accommodations approval for such an exam should contact Disability Services with the appropriate test information and forms.