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Preparing to Become A Xavier Parent!

We are delighted that you have supported your loved one in making the decision to pursue higher education at Xavier University! We hope that you take the opportunity to explore this website before you arrive for Orienta- tion. We want to make sure you have as much information as possible to be successful as a new member of the Xavier Family.

As a University, we recognize that parents and families also experience a transition once their loved one begins college. Therefore, we have to ensure that we provide the best possible resources for our parents and families to successfully assist their loved one with this transition. As a new member of the Xavier University family, we welcome you to access the re- sources needed to be successful.

Parent and Family Orientation Weekend

Our welcome weekend program is designed to inform you and your family about our living and learning community, give you an opportunity to meet with administrators, faculty, and staff that will be working with your son/daughter throughout their studies at Xavier, and to provide you the opportunity to experience some of our rich traditions at Xavier University.

Here are some frequently asked questions that may aid you in preparing for New Student Orientation:

When your student registers for New Student Orientation, there will be an area for parents and families to register as well for Parent Family Orientation Weekend. Please work with your student to complete this process.

Move in day for all incoming students, new freshmen and new transfers, is communicated by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Please ensure that your student has completed the proper steps to confirm their housing arrangements.

Each family may have specific needs in terms of making arrangements in preparing for the move. Some general things you may want to keep in mind are: 

1. If your student will be residing in Xavier’s residence hall, please make sure the $100 housing deposit has been submitted and received by the Office of Housing and Residence Life to ensure that he or she has an assigned room. 

2. Review the “Need to Know” section on the Housing and Residence Life website ( This will help you and your son/daughter prepare for the on-campus housing experience. 

3. Make sure that your student has submitted all required health immunization information and that they are “health cleared” through our Student Health Office. Information on immunizations can be accessed at 

4. If you carry health insurance on your student, access our Student Health insurance website to determine if you qualify for a student insurance waiver. For more information and Insurance waiver information, please visit their website 

5. Log into Banner Web with your student and review available Financial Aid awards. You can also visit the Office of Financial Aid’s homepage by clicking here for more information on financial aid. 

6. If your student has a documented disability, please contact our Office of Disability Services to ensure that we have the appropriate information on file. 7. Talk to your student about personal safety and their new experience away from home.

If you need additional information on our Parent and Family Orientation weekend, you can email our Orientation staff at or call us at (504) 520-5133.

Ready to Become A Xavier Parent?

Over the next year, your son or daughter will meet new friends, adapt to a new environment, tackle college level academics, become a part of the XULA family and see the world through the eyes of a college student. Al- though this will be a new experience for your student, we realize parents and families will make many adjustments also. Speaking with your student in advance about matters such as finances, communication, values, safety, and academic expectations can assist with your student’s transition and minimize future issues. The Center for Student Leadership and Service has compiled the following tips and suggestions from current parents, Student Affairs Professionals, and transition research to assist you with be- coming a Xavier parent.

Touching bases with your student through scheduled phone conversations, text messages, email, and/or care packages will become increasingly important. Show an interest in your student’s classes, new friends, his/her roommate, and activities, but attempt to avoid pressuring the student to open up if he/she seems reluctant.

Try your best to understand the stress that comes along with adjusting to a new environment, friends, and a schedule that is vastly different from what he/she has previously known. Parents are often viewed as safe havens for students to return to when they feel disconnected from home. Sometimes students need a familiar voice to connect with.

You have done an awesome job getting your student to Xavier University. Respecting and trusting his/her ability to make decisions is vital. Show your students that you have the confidence in them to “do the right thing” and to make responsible decisions.

College is the time for meeting new people with different ideas, interests, values, beliefs, and backgrounds. Trust that you have prepared your student for a world of diversity and freedom of expression. Parents remain the number one influence in the lives of young adults so your open-minded approach could assist the student in maximizing his or her experience at Xavier.

Because this is a different world for your student, being positive and patient can assist him/her with adapting properly to the University. Although this may be a stressful time for you, don’t forget to imagine how your student could be feeling.

Sometimes the best lessons come from experience rather than advice! Although this may be tough, be supportive when mistakes occur! Your approach can make a huge difference in how the lesson is perceived by your student. Encourage your student to find appropriate solutions to challenges he/she may face.

Encourage a healthy, balanced, and responsible lifestyle Encourage out-of-class academic pursuits such as research and discovery Encourage your student to become gradually familiar with his/her new city Encourage your student to seek help if needed Encourage your student to get involved in leadership and community service opportunities

Additional Transition Resources