Class Agents

What is expected of a class agent?

Class Agent Volunteer

Purpose of the Class Agent 

 Serve as a class leader and organizer of classmates, class activities, and Reunion Class Gift during your reunion year. In non-reunion years, serve as a liaison between the Class Reunion Program and your classmates.

Duties of a Class Agent

A Class Agent Will:

  •  Make a special gift to the Annual Fund. Leadership by example is a crucial component of a successful Annual Fund year. We ask that class agents make a pledge by November 1st to be listed in the homecoming banquet program book.
  • Act as the official liaison between the Annual Fund Manager and your classmates during reunion and non-reunion years.
  • Contact all members of the class and encourage their participation in Homecoming and other campus events.
  • Communication methods may include phone, letter, email, or social media.
  • Motivate fellow classmates to make contributions to the class gift program. 
  • Provide updates, by the deadlines set in the calendar, to the Annual Fund Manager by email or by mail
  • Regular updates should include the alumni contacted, any updated information and the results such as (phone, address, etc.), attendance at homecoming and status of class gift contribution
  •  Recruit volunteers to help plan your class reunion
  • Plan and implement activities specific to your class during Homecoming Weekend to promote class organization, fellowship and spirit.

Successful reunions depend upon the guidance of the Class Agent. It is essential that the leader motivates and directs the class in planned class activities, Reunion Class Giving, and ongoing contributions to the Annual Fund.

Program Timeline 

We encourage Class Agents to correspond with classmates at least four (4) times prior to Alumni Homecoming Weekend. All appeal letters should be returned to the Class Reunion Program for copying and mailing. This also allows our Office to have an accurate account of the progress of your class reunion planning. We encourage the Class Agent call their classmates as an opportunity to reconnect with classmates, make a personal appeal for participation in the Reunion Class Gift, and collect input from classmates that cannot be achieved through mailing.

Schedule for Appeal Letters and Calls

Email and Calls on Give.Love.Xavier Day (GLX)

1st Tuesday of April prior to Reunion 

(Encourage classmates to give on GLX day. Donations will count towards the class gift)

First letter

3rd week of May prior to Reunion 

(This letter will be sent by the Annual Fund Manager)

Second Letter/Email

2nd week of July prior to Reunion

(This letter will be produce by agents and Annual Fund Manager.)

Third Letter/Email

4th week of September prior to Reunion


1st week of November prior to Reunion

(Voicemail will be sent by the Alumni Office)

You will receive correspondence from the Class Reunion Program Staff prior to each scheduled appeal detailing what should be addressed in the upcoming letter. If you believe there is a need for additional correspondence to your classmates, please notify the Annual Fund Manager as soon as possible.

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