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Vote for Xavier's Kelsey Green Today

October 04, 2018

Ebony magazine’s annual online HBCU Campus Queens competition is underway … time is now to vote for Xavier’s own Kelsey Green! The Top Ten vote getters will be crowned and featured in the pages of EBONY magazine and at To support Miss Xavier click HERE. You are allowed to vote as many times as you’d like until the Dec. 31 midnight deadline.

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Xavierites have a history of going above and beyond, including XULA Parents! Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that universities and colleges had to cancel traditional commencement celebrations for the class of 2020, including Xavier University of Louisiana. Understandably, many graduating students were devastated by this news, including public health major Gabrielle Pierce. 

Student Life

Watch the video below to celebrate Black History Month with Xavier University of Louisiana.

Student Life